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by:KingKonree     2020-02-23
Dutch immigrants in January antonide redefined Australia\'s water heating method by inventing Burns
Free water heater.
The equipment can be used for school, university, business operations, mining camps and home expansion across Australia.
It follows Development-
Mr. Anthony was born in 1990 and invested in a series of Hotrun water heaters in the Netherlands, and established ELWA International to develop and sell these water heaters around the world.
Due to the potential he saw in the Australian market, he moved most of the company to Adelaide in 2008.
Mr. desides, electrical engineer, also plans to expand the business and to set up a manufacturing base in Adelaide to support domestic and international markets.
Thanks to the energy saving grant for clean technology innovation, he developed Hotrun-T scald-
The free water heaters in the Australian market were launched in last October.
Its benefits include minimizing the use of water, improving energy efficiency, easy replacement of the old storage water heater, no pilot flame, compact size.
With the rapid growth in sales, education and mining facilities as well as the hotel industry, store renovations, hair salons, hotels and apartments all have great potential, Mr. antonide said.
New Hotrun-T scald-
Free water heaters are rapidly becoming an important force in Australia\'s hot water industry.
Since starting his own business in Australia, Mr. antonide has established up to five employees in Adelaide, Brisbane offices, New Zealand and eight committees --
Based on the sales staff, conduct nationwide distribution through existing pipeline and electrical suppliers.
\"With the help of a lot of government work, we have been growing rapidly and we expect sales to double every year in the next five years,\" he said . \".
\"Australia has the greatest potential for us because there is almost no heat like our series-
We have a unique position in the market.
\"This business looks promising. At present, more than half of our orders are going to Western Australia.
Mr. Anthony said the new Hotrun-
The T series is designed for its unique temperature to be sold all over the world
Restricted features already sold in Europe and New Zealand.
\"We have received a lot of support from the South Australian Government through the clean technology innovation grant project,\" he said . \".
\"We can save a lot of energy for businesses because our main focus is on energy conservation and water.
ELWA is also in talks with big companies like Woolworth because it has the potential to save them a lot of money, says Anthony.
The company also supplies-
Hand hand wash basin with splash-proof device, equipped with temperature limit water heater, sensor faucet for commercial kitchen, classroom, laboratory and various other uses.
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