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KingKonree Type of artificial stone plate? wash basin manufacturers

by:KingKonree     2018-09-25

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1. Countertop 1) Ordinary countertops: cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, window sills, dining tables, commercial desks, reception counters, writing desks, computer desks, wine tables, etc. The artificial stone combines the natural texture and firm texture of marble, the smoothness and fineness of ceramics and the ease of processing of wood. Its application and promotion mark the new era of decorative art from the natural stone age into a new artificial stone stone. 2) Hospital countertops, laboratory countertops: artificial stone is excellent in acid and alkali resistance, easy to clean and care, no gap bacteria have nowhere to hide, and is widely used in hospitals and laboratory countertops and other important occasions to meet the sterile environment. Claim. 2, sink (star basin) 3, commercial decoration World Ring Cordillera LOGO1) architectural decoration personalized door pillar, is the finishing touch of the architectural space, artificial stone rich expressive and shaping power, to the designer source Constant inspiration. Whether it is a dignified checkpoint style or a simple modern style, the artificial stone can be easily competent, so that each pillar is like a piece of cultural art that adds elegance to the living space. The artificial stone surface is like a mirror, so it is easy to clean, and it has a long history. With its rich colors and strong plasticity, it has become the best match for all kinds of window sill design. 2) Commercial and entertainment venues are decorated in various commercial and entertainment places. If artificial stone is used, it can be designed to be gorgeous, elegant and reasonable. It can produce a wide application space and perfect decorative light transmission effect, so that you can enter harmonious color. Feel warm. Special curved shape, exquisite inlay, coarse ore arch, elegant eclipse, pleasing polished, noble and elegant Roman arch, smooth platform, harmonious and elegant commercial counter, beautiful and creative effects are inexhaustible Now the artificial stone is harmonious and elegant. Highlighting the business theme and entertainment atmosphere, the artificial stone can also be combined with a variety of materials and a variety of processing methods to create a unique design effect. 4, furniture application artificial stone is the ideal material for high-grade furniture table countertops, the boss of the big class is also very useful. Dongguan Shihuan Building Materials LOGO5, bathroom application solid surface sanitary ware, bathtub, personalized bathroom, is the crowning touch of the bathroom space. It is rich in expressiveness and shaping, providing a constant source of inspiration for designers. Whether it is a calm and calm checkpoint style, or a simple modern style, the health and environmental protection of artificial stone bathroom, let us enjoy every moment of bathing, life is more exciting. 6. Art Processing According to the current needs of domestic economic development, artificial stone leads the trend of future consumption in the processing of flower pots, sculptures and craft products.

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