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KingKonree wash basin manufacturers What color is good for kitchen cabinets? What is used for cabinets? plate Environmen

by:KingKonree     2018-09-29

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the kitchen. The kitchen is a paradise for food. For the food, it seems that the kitchen decoration is good. When eating, it will be better to eat, and even eat a few bowls. So what color is good for kitchen cabinets and what kind of board is environmentally friendly.

What color is good for kitchen cabinets?

1, kitchen cabinets what color looks good: white cabinets

It can be said that this color is a timeless color, pure and clean. The white cabinets seem to be the kind of simplicity, elegance and hygiene. This color is especially suitable for people who like to enjoy a quiet and clean life.

2, kitchen cabinets what color looks good: red cabinets

The bright red color, which is generally suitable for people who love life, is especially suitable for newlyweds, full of festive and slippery feelings. This color also expresses distinct personality and vitality. In addition, red and white matching cabinets, this is also able to dilute the red and monotonous by soft white, this color also adds a sense of richness to the kitchen and enhances appetite.

3, kitchen cabinets what color looks good: yellow cabinets

The warm yellow cabinets are clean, elegant and warm, and this color adds warmth to the kitchen space, which also emphasizes the sense of harmony. In addition, the color system can also match some color systems such as blue and green, which can also achieve different effects.

What kind of board is used for environmental protection

1, the moisture board

Using the particleboard processing technology, this plate only changes the adhesive into a green waterproof and environmentally friendly adhesive. This plate overcomes the shortcomings of the particle board, and is also a waterproof product and a cabinet material. More material is used in it.

This kind of board is also called fiberboard. This kind of fiberboard is made by immersing wood, tree and other objects in water and then crushing and pressing. This is based on wood fiber or other plant fiber, urea-formaldehyde resin or other application. Artificial board made of adhesive. Therefore, the plates are distinguished by density, and are classified into high density boards, medium density boards, and low density boards. Relatively speaking, the MDF is soft and impact resistant, has high strength, and has a uniform density after being pressed. This plate is relatively simple to process, so this is also called a good material.

3, solid surface

Recommended countertop materials, we know that its shape is also more, the color must meet their own aesthetic requirements, and this material can be repaired after accidentally scratching, corner seams can be seamlessly spliced.

I would like to introduce you to the environmental protection knowledge about the color of the kitchen and how to decorate it. I hope I can help you.

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