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Pullman Maldives Maamutaa Crowne Plaza Vientiane

Installing Guide for Cabinet Basin:


1. Inspect Installation area and make sure cabinet is secured properly, and then apply silicone sealant around the topside of the cabinet’s edge by using a caulking gun.

2. Carefully place the wash basin onto the cabinet and press down firmly. Make sure to clean away the excessive sealant.

3. Faucet and Drain Connections

A. Connect the water supply to the faucet according to faucet instruction, attach drain pipe assembly, and then use clear or color-matched silicone to seal drain.

B. Check whether there are leaks at the water supply and drain connection.


Installation Guide for Freestanding Bathtub:


1. Locate the drain location.

2. Install the drain and plumbing pipe, and fix the pop-up part.

3. Align the drain to the expansion joint, and apply silicone between of them.

4. Locate bathtub to the fixing place.

5. Connect and Finishing (Fill the water in the bathtub and let it drain out. Make sure that all the joints are watertight. Put a silicone joint pressure seal between the base of the bathtub and the floor.)

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