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Look out of the circle! It turns out that the bathroom can be so beautiful! First look at the newest new sanitary ware products in 2021!

by:KingKonree     2021-10-24
Look out of the circle! It turns out that the bathroom can be so beautiful! First look at the newest new sanitary ware products in 2021! Are you ready for the New Year’s home? According to statistics, each of us spends about 1.5 hours in the bathroom every day. A good bathroom design is the best intimate gift for yourself. So, what new face value products are worth learning from in 2021? Let’s take a look today~01 The beauty of the beauty dressing, the fragrance is like a masterpiece of oriental artistic conception. Exquisite red paint, textured white rock slabs, hanging metal decorative feet, widened bathroom mirrors, the overall combination of light and luxurious atmosphere, the perfect combination of fashion and classic, unique artistic style. 02Downton Abbey Downton Abbey, the heritage of neo-classical aristocracy continues. Dark logs and champagne metal match each other, adding modern fashion to elegance. The semi-circular handle and the mirror surface echo each other, and the surface drawing process enhances the overall texture. Noble, elegant, refined, multiple advantages are combined in one. 03Xinghai's appearance is simple and atmospheric, simple but not simple. Learn from the bathroom style of high-end hotels to create a star-rated quality home. Grey lake green paint door panel, with high-quality color, full luster, and excellent color quality. The bevel-cut door-shaped inlaid metal strip design is unique, with elegant lines, low-key and exquisite. 04Augsburg takes a journey through time and talks with the ancient German castle. 'Augsburg' uses its European-style arch coupons and moldings to give you a taste of European classical style and feel the artistic heritage of European culture. Solid wood paint restores the most essential texture of wood. Symmetrical double basin, open and calm, refuse to restrain. Carved door panels, golden embellishment, fully show the noble character. The design of 05 Pickup·Green Pickup·Green series is inspired by the drop collar of the cheongsam. The elegant green of Chinese charm can be dignified and rich, magnificent, simple and elegant, restrained and graceful. Round rod elements, gold buckle hands, light luxury and simplicity, combining antique frame with modern fashion in one room, elegant charm and full consideration of modern aesthetics, and the beauty of livability, which is probably the case. 06 Yunyi's new trend of light luxury, the national tide is at the time. 'Cloud Wing' series design, new Chinese charm runs through it. The round square shape is taken from the idea of u200bu200b'Heaven and Round Place' in Eastern philosophies. This set of designs continues to use traditional Chinese elements, such as the wispy cloud pattern of clouds and the intricately carved crane feather handles, to create a luxurious and fashionable home. 07 Senxia Senxia, u200bu200blush greenery brings more vitality to the space. The Italian style is minimal, and simplicity does not mean that it is boring and boring. The simple shape, without too much complicated decoration, is even more low-key. The overall tone is fresh and steady Song Yeqing, with vibrant and individual floral patterns, which is low-key and calm and makes people shine. In the early morning of 08Keyuan, the warm sunshine passes through the round windows, the breeze is gentle, and the years are quiet. 'Ke Garden' comes for a good time. The mirrored circular lighting system is like a circular window, awakening a beautiful day. The cloud-gray lacquered door panels are elegant in color and delicate in luster, and the arc shape is softer. With individual metal handles, it adds a touch of exquisiteness and luxury to the space. There is also 09 Xinghui light luxury and avant-garde, ideal for fashionable families. With the equilateral hexagon as the main design element, the mirror, light, and handle are geometricized, and champagne-colored metal is used as the edge to embellish the personality and luxury. With the hexagonal gold powder door panel with dark gray bottom, the low-key hides the luxury and fashion. 10 Berger is small but generous, simple but delicate. Berger, the best choice for fashion and simplicity. The round-corner mirror is matched with the round-corner laminate design, which echoes up and down, and is beautiful and unified. The lines of the door panels are simple and soft, and the rain silk white cloth pattern is filled with tranquility and beauty. With golden handles as an embellishment, the whole exudes a delicate and romantic atmosphere. 11 Lobito rejects a single definition, light luxury, fashion, minimalism...open up more possibilities. The blue-grained wood pattern on the white background is simple and natural and comfortable with the wood grain. The dark blue straight grooved paint door has the straightforwardness and rationality of geometric elements, combined with radial silk-screen mirrors and metal elements to converge rationality and bold sensibility. Integrate with each other. The beauty design promises a beautiful space to bring more surprises and expectations to life. Which one is your favorite? (
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