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Love her, please give her a space to bathe as you please

by:KingKonree     2021-05-10

From February 14 to 520 to Tanabata, three times a year, 'Valentine's Day' can be said to test the male IQ and EQ. At the moment when the way of showing love and giving gifts is the same, what gift can be given to her is novel and practical She was moved and runny? A bathroom space that can understand her needs is essential! So how to create a bathroom that allows her to bathe as she pleases? Follow Wei Ke Tao bathroom to learn!

**Step : Fresh and fragrant, sweet and elegant

—— Let her good mood start in the bathroom

A bathroom with an unbearable smell is disgusting, and a fresh and fragrant one The bathroom makes people feel happy, order an aromatherapy lamp, play a relaxing and pleasant light music, walk into such a bathroom, the mood instantly becomes comfortable, just want to be immersed in it! Are you afraid of not capturing her heart?

Step 2: Multifunctional storage design bathroom cabinet

——Help her talk about the messy byebye

Aromatherapy and music are just A prelude to love, it really depends on 'strength' to really heat up love. A multifunctional bathroom cabinet from Victor, injects love for her into the product. Fashionable shape, large space, multiple storage design, wash her The little babies used in makeup are summarized one by one, and they are organized to help her get rid of the trouble of disorganizing items. No matter how many facial masks and lipsticks, there are exclusive positions. The white jade ceramic face plate also has the characteristics of long-lasting anti-fouling, better cleaning, and saving more time to accompany your lover.

Step 3: Automatic cleaning, warm air drying smart toilet

—— Help her talk to bacteria byebye

There are more and more people spontaneous Valentine's Day confession days. When the way of love becomes more and more common, it takes some wisdom to impress her. A Vektao smart toilet with both EQ and IQ is said to help straight men 'wisely' create surprises!

First of all, the super-high beauty makes her eyes bright, and she is instantly mesmerized! Secondly, greet her with the automatic opening cover. After she finishes going to the toilet, the automatic cleaning function will wash her away from the dirt and reduce the growth of bacteria, especially during her menstrual period, which can give her more care and care. After rinsing, there is also a warm air drying function to keep the hips dry and comfortable. In addition, washing with water instead of paper wipes, such an energy-saving and environmentally friendly design coincides with her environmental protection concept, and instantly adds points to love.

Step 4: Spa Jacuzzi

—— Help her talk to tiredness byebye

Every woman is busy at the end After returning home from work, I can’t wait to get rid of all the restraints on my body. At this time, as a lover, if you prepare a Veco Tao bathtub with spa massage function, put a jar of warm water and sprinkle some rose petals on it. Every woman will be moved when she sees it! **No one knows her better than you.

'You are responsible for being beautiful and beautiful, and I am responsible for making money to support the familyGo all out for the person you love, and work hard for the person you love, but you want him to live a quality life. In fact, it does not cost much to improve the quality of life. A set of ultra-high cost-effective Wei Ketao bathroom products can give a home a sense of life. The delicate design of the details can always create small luck for life and happiness for loved ones. Sense, that's enough.

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