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patrick industries, inc. (patk)

by:KingKonree     2019-12-27
Washington, D. C. Securities and Exchange CommissionC. 20549 FORM 8-
K current report submitted under section 13th or 15 (d)
1934 The Securities Trading Act on the date of the report (
Date of reporting the earliest event)
Patrick Industries June 7, 2017(
The exact name of the registrant specified in the articles of association)Indiana000-0392235-1057796(
Registered State or other jurisdiction)(
File number)(
Employee identification number of IRS)107 W.
P Franklin StreetO.
638, Elkhart indianavel 15 (
Main executive office address)(Zip Code)
Registrant phone number including area code (574)294-7511(
Former name or former address changed since the last report)
If form 8-, please check the appropriate box below
K. Filing is intended to simultaneously satisfy the registrant\'s filing obligations under any of the following terms (
Please see general instructions. 2. below):[]
Written communications under article 425th of the Securities Law (17 CFR 230. 425)[]
Collection of materials according to Article 14a
12 according to the Transaction Act (17 CFR 240. 14a-12)[]Pre-
According to Rule 14-2(b)
Under the transaction act (17 CFR 240. 14d-2(b))[]Pre-
According to Rule 13e-4(c)
Under the transaction act (17 CFR 240. 13e-4(c))
Indicate whether the registrant is an emerging growth company as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act of 1933 (§230.
This Chapter 405)or Rule 12b-
Article 2 of the securities trading Law of 1934 (§240. 12b-
2 of this chapter).
Emerging growth companies-if emerging growth companies, indicate by check mark whether the registrant chooses not to use the extended transition period to comply with any new or revised financial accounting standards provided under section 13 (a)
The Trading Act. ¨Item 7.
01 disclosure of regulations FD.
Information referenced in this form 8-
K available according to item 7.
01. FD Disclosure Regulations.
\"For the purposes of section of the Securities Trading Act of 1934, such information, including the attached annex, should not be considered as\" submitted \", nor should it be considered to be incorporated in any filing in accordance with the Securities Act of 1933 in a manner of reference, unless specified in a specific manner of reference in such filing. (a)
Investor Presentation slides included in Annex 99. 1. Item 9.
01 financial statements and exhibits. (d)
Exhibitors 991 -
The slides presented by the investor are signed in accordance with the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and the registrant has officially led to the signing of this report on behalf of the person who signed it here and is duly authorized.
Patrick Industrial(Registrant)
Date: June 7, 2017:/s/Joshua. BooneJoshua A.
President Obama-
June 2017 financial and chief financial officer
Forward-Looking Statements This presentation contains certain statements relating to future results, or a statement of our intentions, beliefs, and expectations or forecasts for the future
The term was defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-
The outlook statements are affected by certain risks and uncertainties that may result in significant differences between actual results and historical or expected results, depending on various factors.
Further information on the company and its business, including factors that may have a significant impact on the company\'s financial results, is contained in the company\'s submission to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The presentation includes market and industry data, forecasts and valuations obtained from independent consultant reports, public information, various industry publications and other publishing industry sources.
Although we believe that these sources are reliable, we have not independently verified the information and are unable to make any statements about the accuracy or completeness of the information.
We deny any obligation or commitment to disseminate any forwarding updates or amendments
Forward-looking statements contained in this presentation, or reflecting any changes we expect after the date of this presentation, or any changes in the events, conditions or circumstances on which any statements are based.
Company Overview 2 0 1 5 listing (NASDAQ)
Establishment date Patrick History 4 1 9 5 9 Company Establishment 1 9 6 1 1 9 6 8 2 0 7 Acquisition of Adorn Holdings, Inc.
-The largest acquisition in the history of the Company, Todd Cleveland was appointed president („08)and CEO („09)Completes 3-for-
Highlights of the split acquisition of 2 Common shares (2010-2016)
Monthly Company Wang Zhi $411mm total payment Wang Zhi $696mm annual sales month Chun run month Wang Zhi general spot to provide credit expansion to $450mm Wang Zhi maintain strategic investment Population Information Bureau 2017 month acquisition of Australian enterprises o $ 83mm total purchase price o $95mm annual Sales 2010-
2016 the company was established in 1959 and was registered in Indiana in 1961 with its headquarters in Elkhart, indiana-\"capital of the world RV\"-a leading national manufacturer and supplier of RV, MH Building and component products, the Marine and select industrial market operates more than 80 facilities in 19 states, about 6,000 employees are listed on Nasdaq with a stock code of PATK, about $1.
We have acquired 35 companies with a total purchase price of US $20174. 94. Our vision is to continue to grow organically in all segments, including the Ocean, through strategic acquisitions, as well as expanding the footprint of geographical products, you can reach PatrickQ1 at a glance-
Shipment growth of 12%-72% in the first quarter
17 Patrick sells pressed wall and ceiling panels and hard wooden door countertops prefabricated aluminum and FRP products molded cabinet doors electrical, electrical, plumbing furniture and mattresses
Shipment growth of 23%-13% in the first quarter
17 Patrick sells pressure doors and hard wooden doors, wires, pipes cement wall panels drywall and roof products lighting wall coverings bathtub and shower surround Truss industry Q1-
17 housing starts increased by 8%-11% month on month
17 Patrick sales 54% residential 46% retail and commercial fixtures kitchen cabinets solid surface countertops office and home furniture Source: RVIA, MHI, NAHB, SSI Marine Q1
17 shipments rose 6% * 4% in the first quarter
17 Patrick sale electronic distribution fiberglass/plastic Holmes dashboard wiring/wiring harness aluminum fuel and storage tank full rudder assembly CNC mold and composite parts * shipment growth company estimates Industry Overview 7 differentiated customers
With the brand of center, brand strategy and business model, the brand of Wang Zhi series makes the products of OEM customers differentiated, and the consumer population data brand has great autonomy, the startup spirit and the personality of the brand enable the support of the continuation of traditional values, taking advantage of the opportunity of all patrick\'s resources, the strong brand Patrick Facility Profile 8 8 is strategically aligned with OEM customers, it has more than 80 facilities in 19 states and has about 6,000 staff headquarters, existing Patrick facility our market is active and value proposition in value chain 10 successful in sourcing raw materials and selecting products from original equipment manufacturer dealers. Innovate in design, manufacture and distribute selected components of products and materials that meet consumer preferences, source components, design vehicles, assemble vehicles, consumer marketing, dealer development and relationships, manage OEM relationships, manage inventory and financing consumer marketing and sales volumes that meet consumer preferences (
Reduce dependence on a specific brand or category)
□ Business platform and supply chain efficiency □ brand innovation product dealer network □ OEM brand footprint of supply chain management competition □ key factors in marketing and sales capacity design and innovative financing, with changes in consumer tastes and preferences, the value chain in the RV market has become more active.
Long-term market growth industry strength economic population structure lifestyle 2016 is the wholesale unit shipments for seven consecutive years; Q1-
The month continues to drive new innovative design and attractive product structure and price of Wang Zhiwang with strong growth in retail demand of 12% Wang. Consumer confidence-May 2017-117.
Stocks are strong-the Dow has been high-unemployment-May 2017-4.
3% fuel prices increase retail demand for young buyers
Families with 50 to 64 years old have at least one RV Boomers 11,000 baby Boomers are expected to reach 65 years of age per day over the next 15 years-RV owners with the highest rate of ownership the current RV\'s 70% owners plan to buy another A caravan to replace their current unit, more than one
Third, it is planned to purchase new goods in the next 3 years, spend good time with family and friends, culture turns to outdoor activities, more economical holidays, and millennials embrace the Committee on active and outdoor lifestyle meetings;
Bureau of Labor Statistics and the United StatesS. Census Bureau;
RVIA-driven market growth 173 163 203 228 21% 259 247 248 255 293 24% 321 300 257 311 321 370 384 22% 391 353 237 166 242 252 286 321 357 374 431 RV wholesale consumer confidence RV annual shipments of 558 524 Industry Outlook 12 Gulf War 9/11 attacks on residential housing crisis we believe that, according to current demographic indicators, spatial discipline, the trend shipment level indicates that there is still potential for future growth trajectory, overall economic conditions, flexibility and intensity of leisure lifestyle.
In addition, at the last peak point, the average shipment volume of the extended runway increased, with a potential number of more than 550,000 units. (
Shipments (thousand)
Source of RV shipment: 1990-208f RVIA;
209F and 2020F are expected to increase by 5% in 7%. The market situation and consumption growth trend of RV will take about 9 million households and 22 million people to live in the country (
9% of the national single-household housing stock)
Affordable form of ownership of the House: The average cost of structure per square foot. ft. (2015): $47. 55 (MH)vs. $100. 65 (
Single family)
Average retail price of MH (2015)
: $68,000 square 1,430. ft. (home only)
Flexible production processes allow for more customization at a lower cost: green and alternative energy home design built precisely with multiple external options and internal floor plans-three-tier quality supervision managed by HUD country, prices designed to be used for wind safety and energy efficiency based on geographical regions sell houses as much as other forms of houses appreciate. Typical financing terms for MH loans for new houses: 5-20% down payment (
Based on land included in financing)
15-30 year loan terms-based on credit file, home size and source of loan type: manufacturing Housing Association (MHI)
MH market 193 cm 168 cm 131 cm 147 cm 118 cm 96 82 6-October 5 2 55 60 64 71 81 93 124 142 1mh wholesale unit transport industry who watches the moon. Source: 1990-
2016: Industrial Housing Association (MHI); 2017F -
2020F estimates that the MH industry continues to be at a historic low, reflecting the residual impact of the housing market crash, including tightening of credit standards and lending.
We believe that, but the depressed demand has created a lot of potential to rise in the current demographic trend of the market, including more
Household housing capacity and improved consumer credit and financing conditions, among other factors.
Affected by the housing crisis, housing credit and loan conditions (
Shipments (thousand)
MH market 10% annual growth 15% annual growth 554 cm 587 cm 609 cm 781 cm 925 cm 1,003 cm 1,112 cm 1,174 cm 4,340 cm 4,190 cm 4,260 cm 4,660 cm 5,090 cm 4,940 cm 5,250 cm 5,450 cm 3,900 cm 4,100 cm 4,300 cm 4,500 cm 4,700 cm 4,900 cm 5,100 cm 5,300 cm 5,500 cm 400 cm 500 cm 600 cm 700 cm 800 cm 900 cm 1,000 cm 1,100 cm 1,200 cm 1,300 cm of sales in Canberra (000\'s)
It was s at the beginning (00 0\'s )
Housing market growth drives demand for new housing construction 15. National Association of Housing builders (“NAHB”)
Currently forecast about 5% yearsover-
Compared with 2016, the number of new housing starts increased by 2017 this year, and about 54% of the company\'s industrial income is directly linked to the housing market (
New and rebuilt)
Population Information Bureau the industrial market we sell usually lags behind the start of new homes six to nine months king Patrick is aimed at certain sales efforts to achieve the industrial market is not tied to new orders and more
Home construction including retail facilities, office, medical, institutional furniture and table top marketU. S. Census Bureau;
Sales of existing houses-National Association of Realtors; NAHB (
As of June 2, 2017)
Industrial market housing 54% commercial and institutional facilities 46% Q1-
2017 sales constitute a market trend 95% of U. S. steamboatsS.
Made in the United States. S. 36% of the U. S.
72% of ship owners earn less than 100K ~ Middle income.
A 95%-class American water vessel. S.
Marine Market Source: National Marine Marketing Association: Summary of 2014 entertainment Boating Statistics United States of AmericaS.
Ocean Outlook-
100,000 cm 200,000 cm 300,000 cm 400,000 cm 500,000 cm 600,000 cm 19 65 19 66 19 67 19 68 19 69 19 70 19 71 19 19 73 19 74 19 75 19 76 19 19 78 19 79 19 80 19 81 19 8219 83 19 84 19 85 19 86 19 87 19 19 19 19 19 90 19 19 92 19 19 19 94 19 95 19 19 97 19 98 19 99 19 20 00 20 source of 0320 04 20 05 20 06 20 07 20 08 20 09 20 11 20 12 20 13 20 15 16 E 20 17 FIndustry volume: national Marine Marketing Association1965-
1991 average 400,000 1992-
2006 cm 309,000 cm 2016 cm 2017 cm 193,000 cm 200,000 cm,S.
The marine market continues to recover steadily, with potential slow and steady growth in the long term, the attractiveness of leisure lifestyles and the aging of old ship stocks 17 Mar ine market A. G.
L é g of the annual decree of Patrick Dess on maritime history in 201 handed y N o v. 201 4 F e b .
201 5 The first step in the strategic acquisition of Electronic distribution into the marine market to gain traction in the new marine market. The strategic acquisition aims to expand the presence of RV and marine markets. The existence of the paddle board Wang Zhi Tong silk full-cover helmet assembly P ro Duke la L inšmi Y 201 month strategic acquisition to create a marine platform and expand the presence of key components supply Wang Zhi design and processing aluminum alloy fuel tank wiring harness ship market Marine Core 19 Wang Zhi thermoforming plastic instrument panel and instrument fiberglass design, engineering and manufacturing of electrical wiring and wiring harness CNC plugs and molds for panel assemblies;
Open/closed composite mold Aluminum fuel and storage tank Electronics electronic distribution FedEx strategic procurement and purchasing power JIT inventory management and distribution JIT the ability to bring multiple product lines and solutions to ship manufacturers regardless of size or style how, both have a large scale and footprint that exists in hot beds made by ships
For original equipment manufacturer K. e. y. core Com p. etencie s. cu. s. tomer V. alue Pro p. osit io n. marine market products bring innovative products and design solutions to the 45,000 square foot market. ft.
The design/innovation center in Elkhart opened in March 2016, covering an area of 25,000 square feet. ft.
Product display room, training center and meeting room
Provide the latest trends and product service resources for customers to design products and enhance the brand\'s creative environment
Other services include product development, 3D CAD illustrations, photography and marketing 20 our models in all markets use strong cash flow to reduce debt and reload growth capabilities investments in internal growth and costs include savings Opportunity product expansion and infrastructure, including geographical location, return of excess capital to shareholders through share repurchase execution disciplined strategic acquisition plan our capital allocation strategy is to utilize our leverage and capital resources the business model of growth and reinvestment is.
For the capital allocation 2010 Highlights 2014 Month acquisition highlights the company\'s acquisition of 12-36 months, the company\'s total purchase price of $72mm, the total purchase price of $126mm, the annual sales of $, the main RV market
Mainly based on the RV market
According to 2011 Month Collection Highlights 2015 month Company acquisition highlights company $ monthly mm total purchase price $140mm total purchase price $26mm annual sales $233mm year sales major RV and industrial market
Mainly based on the RV market
According to 2012 Month Highlights 2016 month Acquisition Highlights Company acquisition company $30 MM total purchase price $139mm total purchase price $80mm annual sales $167mm year sales major RV market
RV, MH and industrial market-
According to 2013 month Collection Highlights 2017 month Company acquisition highlights company $ monthly mm total purchase price $83mm Purchase Price $42mm annual sales $95mm annual sales major RV market
Marine, RV and industrial market based
23 geography and product expansion 1 2 3 4 5 Pacific Northwest 1 Southern California laminated aluminum FRP fiberglass paint solid surface hardwood flooring products pressing products industrial interior doors Cork paint solid surface industrial laminated glass fiber Southeast Texas solid surface cork products 2 3 4 5 focus on expansion opportunities with market potential of 160mm yuan, at the same time minimize any potential risk of $2. 5 $4. 2 $0. 3 $1. 4 $2. 4 $7. 9 $8. 7 $6. 5 $8. 0 $15. 4 $16. 0 $4.
Monthly 2007 cm 2008 CM 2009 cm 2010 cm 2011 cm 2012 cm 2013 cm 2014 cm 2015 cm 2016 cm FICF capital expenditure will continue to invest in infrastructure, the efficiency of the whole enterprise and the level of demand that flex\'s capital spend is adjusted if necessary ($ in millions)
Strategic Capital Expenditure: new processes/automation increases capacity increases efficiency 25 potential additional strategic capital expenditure balance sheet strength we expect to continue to leverage our leverage and cash flow in line with our capital allocation strategy.
We ended Q1 „ 17 with a leverage ratio of 1.
3 times after the completion of the stock issue, resulting in a net income of about 94mm.
Leverage position trend 0. 0 1. 0 2. 0 3. 0 4. 0 5.
Monthly acquisition of $30 MM monthly mm acquisition of $72mm purchase of $139mm monthly mm acquisition of $ & $94mm equity acquisition of $140 MM $74mm acquisition of $437 $ 36% $595 $ 24% $736 $ 25% $920 33% $1,222 cm 2012 cm 2013 cm 2014 cm 2015 cm 2016 CM sales growth of sales and profit growth-sales continuous growth, beyond their respective markets, the growth of new products and expansion and market share continues to be driven by the following factors: leverage of fixed costs • strict management of controllable costs • Cost synergies achieved by acquisition • stock repurchase program * 2012 net income does not include benefits of income tax credits associated with NOLs$7MM or $0.
43 per share after dilution (
In millions of dollars except per share data)
$21 + 13% $24 + 28% $31 + 38% $42 + 32% $56 $1. 33 +11% $1. 49 + 9% $1. 91 +42% $2. 72 +34% $3.
64 2012*2013 2014 2015 2016 diluted earnings per share growth Net income 27 Appendix unit □ we focus on strategic M & A and organic growth, greatly increasing our units and sales exceeded our respective markets including RV and MH content 14% Q1 2017 per unit population data acquisition new product lines and strong management relative to the 2016 □ strategic development plan team to develop new innovative products geographic expansion Wang Zhi into the neighboring market $823 $1,142 $1,364 $1,629 $1,904 $2,167 $6, 300RV content per unit-
TTM $1,441 $1,580 $1,599 $1,718 $1,787 $2,032 $6 every unit 900 mh content-
TTM * 100% market share in existing products will generate unit amount 29 Acquisition Summary 2010 2011 2012 quality solid wood sales Blazon International Group. I. A.
Countertop, LLC Infinity graphic trim Mfg.
Gustafson lighting creative Wood Design Co. , Ltd.
Millbury Wood Products Co. , Ltd.
Collection date: 01/2010 cm 08/2010 cm 06/2011 cm 09/2011 cm 12/2011 cm 03/2012 cm 07/2012 cm 09/2012 cm 10/2012 cm final purchase price: $ month. 0 $3. 8 $0. 5 $5. 5 $1. 3 $4. 3 $2. 8 $3. 0 $19.
Income of 8 years (
From the date of acquisition): $2. 0 $20. 0 $4. 0 $20. 0 $2. 0 $17. 0 $12. 0 $18. 0 $33.
0 market segments: manufacturing distribution manufacturing: RV & mh rv & industrial RV, MH & industrial product overview: cabinet door wiring, electrical, plumbing and other building products and furniture products designers, manufacturers and installers of exterior graphic lamination and packaging products interior and exterior lighting products, purchase of ceiling fans and accessories hardwood furniture and other hardwood products including indoor hardwood tables, chairs and restaurant hardwood cabinet doors: 30 Acquisition Summary 2013 2014 2015 front-line manufacturing. , Inc.
Concept of prime minister, company
The most important manufacturer of Xicheng furniture precision painting Group, LLC PolyDyn3 of Indiana, LLC Charleston, better way partner, LLC Structural Composites
North American forest products and North American molding purchase date: 09/2013 cm 06/2014 cm 09/2014 CM 11/2014 cm 02/2015 cm 05/2015 cm 09/2015 cm final purchase price: $ month. 2 $2. 6 $8. 7 $16. 0 $45. 4 $1. 3 $9. 5 $40. 5 $20. 0 $79.
7-year income (
From the date of acquisition): $15. 0 $10. 0 $17. 0 $28. 0 $75. 0 $2. 5 $20. 0 $50. 0 $18. 0 $165.
0 market segments: manufacturing distribution manufacturing and distribution Manufacturing: RV, MH and industrial RV, marine and industrial RV, Overview of MH and industrial products: fiberglass bathtub fixtures, mattresses, other furniture products, exterior full-body painting prefabricated aluminum products, fiber-reinforced polyester (FRP)
Fiberglass and small plastic parts fiberglass front and rear caps and roofs and other special fiberglass parts contour packaging, custom industrial packaging materials procurement: 31 procurement summary 32 2016 2017 Pa Kelan plastic Progress group Cana Cabinetry Mishawaka sheet metal L. S.
Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
BH Electronics Co. , Ltd.
Sigma Wire & KRA International Airport
Round brand Plastic Products Co. , Ltd.
Concept of Florida ocean tank purchase date for Marine Ship Electrical Products: 02/ 2016 cm 03/ 2016 cm 05/2016 cm 06/2016 cm 07/2016 CM 12/2016 cm 03/ 2017 cm final purchase price: $ month. 2 $10. 9 $16. 5 $14. 0 $11. 2 $35. 0 $26. 1 $10.
Income of 0 years (
From the date of acquisition): $30. 0 $23. 0 $18. 0 $28. 0 $12. 0 $35. 0 $21. 0 $20.
0 segment: manufacturing distribution manufacturing: RV & industrial MH & industrial RV & industrial Marine RV, Marine & Industrial Product Overview: Polymer-
Products include wall panels, laying
Custom cabinets for ceiling panels, coated and rolled floors, protective molding Electronics, including hardwood and medium fiber board doors, pre-door and molded aluminum products, galvanized and hot-rolled thermoforming plastic parts and components for aluminum alloy, General meters and pattern sizes, including thermoforming instrument panel components around the shower/base, PVC insulated wire and cable products, wire harnesses and related components thermoformed dashboards and decorative panels, fender skirts, internal packaging, CNC plugs and molds, composite molds (Open and close)
$75, gel coating and fiberglass parts and assembly wiring harness, fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced thermoforming helmet systems, dashboards and dashboards for the production, manufacture and assembly of aluminum fuels and storage tanks.
0 Acquisition: $05/2017 73 for leisure products Enterprise Co. , Ltd.
Monthly Patrick product line-RV interior 33 additional products provided: Wang Zhi exit lighting ceiling fan power cord and entrance Wang Zhi RV water tank rubber pad Wang Zhi fire extinguisher electric fireplace wiring, tire pressure monitor electrical switch, socket, and socket RV conversion switch Battery selector switch Cut by size, boring, frustration and edge-
Floor adhesive dashboard manufacturing of King sealto-
Order vinyl, paper, veneers, and high pressure laminate (HPL)
Electronic speaker microwave oven furniture mattress laminate material and ceramic floor closet hardware vanity mirror lighting closet and access door countertop drawer front and side laminate panel and printed vinyl back panel hardwood flooring accessories window decor fiberglass bathtub fixtures slide decoration-foam, bathtub faucet and sink hardwood floor cabinet lighting tile cabinet hardware dining mat, patrick product line-RV exterior 34 external speaker paint and paint mask LED lighting aluminum and FRP side wall laminated side wall additional product line: comprehensive body paint aluminum gauge steel gauge mill finish and pre
FRP coil and sheet motion sensing lamp RV power cord and inlet RV grille and accessories front and rear cap bow truss Patrick RV product growth potential 35 heating, ventilation, air conditioning curtains roll floor bedding external mirror carpet windshield wiper water tank captain chair appliances toilet/plumbing water heater instrument dashboard and components hardware tires and rims roof insulated aluminum frame Patrick product line-MH 36 indoor and outdoor decorative lighting fixtures indoor Channel door kitchen bathroom faucet and sink plaster (
Dry wall and dry wall finish products)
Fiberglass bathtub fixtures and shower door cabinet doors and components microwave countertop electronics products for additional supply: population Information Bureau building arch closet organization products Wang Zhi innovation lamps sealant electronic components board/circuit breaker socket switch/socket Wang Zhi fireplace and surroundingto-
Order vinyl, paper, veneers, and high pressure laminate (HPL)
Cut into size, boredom, frustration and edges-
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