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Poervo Sanitary Ware: Clean up the range of bathroom cabinets

by:KingKonree     2021-09-06
Polvo Sanitary Ware: The cleaning coup of the bathroom cabinet range. In fact, cleaning the bathroom cabinet is not as troublesome as people think. As long as you clean the bathroom cabinet in a certain order and proceed in an orderly manner, you will find that cleaning the bathroom cabinet is so simple. The first place is naturally the ceramic basin. After a long time of use, some black or yellow dirt will accumulate on the surface of the ceramic basin, which cannot be washed away no matter how much it is washed. For the cleaning step, prepare cleaning liquid or detergent, and use wire balls for cleaning utensils. Then apply the cleansing liquid evenly on the washbasin and let it sit for about 8 minutes. At this moment, the cleaning fluid is reacting with the dirt and peeling it from the ceramic basin. Once the time is up to clean the ceramic basin with a wire ball, you will find that the dirt is cleaned very simply. Use a dry washing cloth to wipe clean the water stains around the ceramic basin, and keep the ceramic basin in a dry state. Not only will the dirt disappear, but the bacteria will not grow quickly. Cleaning tips: The wipes for wiping countertops and basins are best prepared separately, and don't mix with other wipes. When washing, it is best to wear gloves, washing powder or cleaning liquid has a certain degree of irritation to the hand skin, easy to feel discomfort. The dirt of the faucet is naturally indispensable, and it is very troublesome to clean the corners. Don't worry, there is also a coup for cleaning the faucet. In the cleaning step, apply toothpaste evenly around the faucet, moisten the cloth, and brush as far as possible to every part of the faucet. After cleaning with a rag, there are still places like the junction between the faucet and the ceramic basin, and the toothbrush comes in handy. Use a toothbrush to gently wipe small areas that cannot be cleaned by the rag. When the dirt is thoroughly cleaned, clean it with clean water, and then wipe it with a dry cloth, and the faucet becomes clean as new again! Cleaning tips: The compact toothbrush is more flexible and can be cleaned to every position of the connection without any dead ends. Toothbrushes can use discarded toothbrushes~(
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