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Sanitary ware: those faucet cold knowledge you don't know!

by:KingKonree     2021-10-03
Sanitary ware: those faucet cold knowledge you don't know! Those who come to the decoration should have a deep understanding. Although the hardware is not very eye-catching, it is everywhere in life, from the kitchen and bathroom, to the cabinet, closet, door and window, the hardware is indispensable, so choosing the wrong hardware can definitely ruin your House. Common hardware includes faucets, sinks, showers, and floor drains. Today we will come to chat with you, as the leading source of water in the family, how should it choose? 01. How to choose the faucet? Conventional household faucets are generally divided into stainless steel faucets and copper faucets. Compared with the two, the copper faucet is the more mainstream faucet on the market now. Its casting process is mature, the corrosion resistance is good, and the copper ion has a certain antibacterial effect, and it is widely used in the market. However, the general copper faucet contains lead impurities, so a good copper faucet must have a low lead content. The advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel faucets are also obvious. They have good corrosion resistance and are free of lead. However, due to the immature processing technology, heavy metals are easy to exceed the standard and other factors, they are not popular. 02. Worried about excessive lead content in copper faucets? When choosing a copper faucet, many friends worry that the lead content of the copper faucet exceeds the standard, which will cause harm to our drinking water. Innovative material-gold, silicon and copper, combining silicon and copper and gold, on the one hand, it continues to exert the antibacterial function of copper, on the other hand, it uses the trace element silicon that is beneficial to the human body to replace lead, and abandons the traditional lead washing process from the source to ensure health Use water. 03. Can the faucet be isolated from lead? Of course, H2/H9 healthy lead clean technology, from the angle valve to the hose to the faucet cavity, the whole process adopts a new healthy structure, which separates water from direct contact with metal, has excellent corrosion resistance, and is isolated from lead. Water quality is more assured. 04. What causes the faucet to leak water and the valve body to crack? Because the faucet is made of alloy material, which is composed of copper and other materials, if the copper content is lower, its impurity and iron content will increase correspondingly, which will easily cause metal corrosion during use; in addition, some faucet electroplating processes, The casting process is rough, and the thickness of the inner wall is uneven. A little corrosion can easily cause the faucet to crack and leak. The faucet adopts refined copper casting and low-pressure integral molding. The iron content is low and the wall thickness is uniform, which reduces the phenomenon of rust, cracking and water leakage in the faucet. 05. Why does the surface of the faucet appear rust and fall off? When the faucet was first bought home, it was very delicate and shiny, but after using it for a period of time, why did some faucets start to rust, blisters, and fall off? That's because there is a layer of electroplating on the surface of the faucet. When the faucet is not polished thoroughly and the plating level is not enough, the surface of the faucet is very easy to corrode and wear. The faucet adopts three-layer plating, ten-level electroplating, 48-hour salt spray test, and the impurities are thoroughly polished, which can protect the faucet well and reduce the appearance of rust, blistering and shedding on the surface. In addition, the faucet is in contact with water for a long time, and the water contains a lot of minerals. No matter how good the faucet is, if it is used for a long time without cleaning, it will cause some damage to the surface. So in addition to choosing the hardware, we also need to love life and love to clean. ~ Faucets are used very frequently in life, and everything related to water must be dealt with with faucets. If the faucet is not selected properly, it will not only affect the appearance, corrode other surrounding materials, waste water, but also affect our health, so it is very important to choose a high-quality faucet. (
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