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Stone Resin Freestanding Bath Composite acrylic artificial stone price? Composite acrylic artificial stone features?

by:KingKonree     2018-09-27

In modern society, everyone pays more and more attention to quality life. Then the kitchen is one of the family and one of the main areas. We choose the type of countertops that are more common in cabinets, facing many stones, many consumers. More favored composite acrylic. So the characteristics of composite acrylic solid surface is that we care more about it. As a consumer, we also need to understand the price of composite acrylic solid surface.

Composite acrylic artificial stone price?

1, custom: custom composite acrylic window countertop corner countertop custom acrylic countertop imitation marble countertop solid surface sales 4213 ¥ 20.00

2, acrylic artificial stone: product testing, high hardness, composite exquisite, acrylic artificial stone composition analysis ¥ 220.00

3, Kanger composite acrylic artificial stone cabinet countertop KE-2052¥530.00

4, Kanger composite acrylic artificial stone: cabinet countertop bar cabinet custom made model factory direct sales 10¥200.00

5, Kanger composite acrylic artificial stone: countertop / Kanger artificial stone cabinet countertop window sill customization ¥ 600.00

Composite acrylic artificial stone features?

1. Composite acrylic artificial stone is an artificial stone made of acrylic resin, aluminum hydroxide and other materials added to the excellent resin raw material. Its properties are between resin artificial stone and pure acrylic artificial stone. Its finish is higher than the resin artificial stone, the hand feels smooth and smooth, the hardness is the same as granite, the elegant pattern resembles marble, and the color is rich and colorful. The material is not radioactive, environmentally friendly and healthy, and does not harm the human body.

2, composite acrylic artificial stone because of its strong practicality, wide range of use, composite acrylic design is a solid surface material, no porosity, no penetration, good toughness, yellowing resistance, certainly environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no radiation, can be in direct contact with food Countertop; strong resistance to water, oil, pollution, bacteria, easy to clean; feels warm, cold and heat resistant, impact resistant, durable, non-deformable

3, good flexibility, strong plastic shape, can be heated and bent to shape, more able to meet the creative concept of customers; each style is equipped with the same color glue, the board can be seamlessly stitched.

4, the product color is colorful, light yellow, South Pole white, milk white and so on with any desired, can meet a variety of different design requirements, let you freely use your imagination.

Through the above, we know that acrylic artificial stone is one of the artificial stone products, and the composite acrylic artificial stone features unique properties. The price of composite acrylic artificial stone is an acceptable range for our consumers. In order to buy good quality artificial stone materials, it is recommended to buy products of famous brands. I hope that the above can help everyone.

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