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The bathroom is the kind of place in the house

by:KingKonree     2020-07-13
These bathroom safety products are available in the marketplace to make it easier for the people with limited mobility to use the bathroom. Users are generally seniors and people with limited mobility. This range of product includes safety rails, bath and shower seats, step in tubs, raised toilet seats, stools and many more. This article will examine some of the details and processes involved in the use of these bathroom safety products. Step-in Tub: This safety product helps people with limited mobility. Through the use of step-in tubs, people can easily enter a tub without having to deal with the large outer porting of the bathtub. This product is built with or without a door and includes a non-slip surface to prevent slips and falls. Toilet safety rails: Toilet safety rails can help seniors hoist themselves up onto the toilet seat and then off again. This product is essentially for seniors and people with limited mobility. These safety rails are available in various different styles, including ones that have soft-touch handles for comfort. In addition, both the straight and wrap around safety rails can be purchased according to the user's needs. Bath and shower seats: This type of bathroom safety productcan help comfort people with limited mobility by offering them a safe showering position. These bath and shower seats are very comfortable and stable. They are designed so that they can easily fit into your existing tub or shower. Raised toilet seats: Raised toilet seats make it easier for seniors and people with limited mobility to sit down and to stand up from the toilet area. Raised seats go a long way regarding comfort to backs, feet and legs. Bath mats: Anti-slip bath mats can prevent slips and falls in the bathtub area. Bath mats come in a variety of styles which include, the suction type which use small suction cups to adhere itself to the bottom of the tub, or the sticker type which uses a type of glue to adhere itself to the bathtub. Just a word of caution, the sticker type bath mats are difficult to remove and could possibly ruin the enamel on your bathtub. Above are some brief descriptions of just some of the bathroom safety products you could use to help prevent bathroom injuries. Always use caution when trying to navigate wet floors and surfaces in the bathroom area. If you're not sure where to purchase the products mentioned above please contact your local bathroom safety specialist.
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