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Project: THE D HOTEL, LAS VEGAS, NV 89081

Project Description:

Customer: D HOTEL

Quantity: 262 pcs

Product: Solid surface bathroom vanity sinks

Material:Acrylic solid surface / Gel-coat stone resin 

Application: Applicable to 

Feature: Easy to clean but not sticky to stains left by users, chic design; anti-abrasion, scratch, yellowness etc.

Product Info:

These 262 pcs made of artificial stone are modified solid surface bathroom vanity sinks supplied for the D Hotel in Las Vegas NV 89081. This material is environmentally safe, no radiation,easy maintenance, can be repaired and refurbished by polishing, 

characterized  with strong plasticity, pollution resistance and low water absorption. It could function as ideal bathroom material applicable to any industry, either commercial or domestic.

About KKR:

KKR owns more than 200 design wash basin, and KKR can meet different customized requirements from different customers. Wondering how to customize solid surface sheets from KKR? Welcome to contact us.