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wall mounted bathroom vanity - a floating vanity gives the impression of space and clean lines

by:KingKonree     2020-10-25
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Now that the weather is getting cooler, we decided to turn our attention to some much-needed indoor work.
We decided to upgrade the bathroom sink and vanity as they saw the better days but were overwhelmed by all the options.
Some pots are so big;
I thought it was kitchen island at first!
Our house was built in 1972 and although we had two bathrooms there was no room to install these larger spaces at all.
We can\'t find the same measurements as we do now, they are all bigger.
As an option, we started to migrate more to these wall-mounted bathroom dressers.
They don\'t stretch out from the wall like many standards on the floor, which is very important for us because we have a doorway that limits the depth.
For those heavy-duty wood style or heavy-duty designs we don\'t have space.
What I like about these \"floating dressers\" is how they make a small bathroom look bigger.
I think it\'s because the floor looks continuous, not broken with bulky dresser legs.
You can still get the warehouse.
Maybe not as much as the standard, but it does make good use of the space.
I did go and buy some ideas and I was impressed with this installation.
Credit: amazon.
Modern White floating single sink bathroom vanity with faucet offered by Belvedere BathAmazon Price: $1,299. 99 $537. 97 Buy Now(
Prices as of October 14, 2016)18.
5 inch deep white floating vanity with sink and FaucetThis. This one is not deep, perfect for compact bathrooms or long and narrow bathrooms like ours.
We don\'t have the depth of any floor model at all, clean white lines to work with 2 drawers.
The sink is equipped with this device and can be installed on the wall.
When brushing your teeth in the morning, don\'t stub your feet again!
Also makes it easier to clean the floor and you have a place for your feet when you stand in front of the floor. Credit: amazon.
Kristen wall-
Single sink vanity, 35-
Price: $1,000. 00 $771. 25 Buy Now(
Prices as of October 14, 2016)
This is another option if you want your vanity to be at the forefront and center and look very modern.
I love the design, but I know you need to be careful when cleaning this type of glass, don\'t use an abrasive, otherwise it will scratch, just a damp cloth.
So if you have a family and kids doing a full workout every day for this sink, it may not be the best option. Credit: amazon.
Com30 \"bathroom solid wood vanity wall mounted cabinet sink 32 Amazon price: $655. 05 Buy Now(
Prices as of October 14, 2016)
The bathroom vanity with containers installed absolutely loves the look of this type of container sink, which basically means that the sink is located at the top of the dresser, not on the base.
They are fashionable and fashionable, but I personally feel that the spilled water is a bit messy.
When I wash my face, it tends to escape from the bowl!
It would be awesome if it was a 2 piece bathroom instead of your main, but for what I need now, we prefer the off-shelf sink for everyday business use. Credit: amazon.
Bathroom sink faucet (Wall Mount)
Amazon price: $39. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of October 14, 2016)
This is another wall-mounted bathroom that saves a lot of space.
By installing it on the wall, you can save the room behind the sink.
If space is a problem (
Especially the depth of our case)
Then install these on the wall and give you extra space and they look cool too!
If you have a depth problem like us, then installing the faucet on the wall can reach at least 6 inch, if not more. Credit: amazon.
White Class A Glass China scratch and stain resistance offset from ComWall Mount Vessel sink with overflow, no mounting bracket required, price: $249. 00 $88. 95 Buy Now(
Prices as of October 14, 2016)
If you really have a small space and don\'t need storage for The Dresser, you can get these stylish modern sinks that simply stick to the wall.
Perfect for that small 2-piece dressing room where storage is not a problem and takes up small rooms and doesn\'t look ugly.
It\'s only 9 inch deep so takes up very little space and leaves your floor empty.
Use wall space-
Another thing about vanity is that they get messy!
If you are redoing your, then you really need to make a note of everything you do in the sink, including hair utensils and products etc.
If you don\'t have square feet in your bathroom, you should start looking at the walls more.
There are many ways to install things on the wall, which can accommodate most of the things you use.
Credit: amazon.
Wall-mounted iron and hair dryer stand-
RackAmazon price for hairdressing equipment: $ month. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of October 14, 2016)
The hair dryer installs this small household appliance holder and is mounted on the wall, if you put it at the right height, it will be second nature to use it every day to place the curlers, hair dryers and brush more.
This will keep things away from the surface so that maybe you don\'t need that big vanity at all!
Clean up and organize again! Credit: pixabay.
ComIt was surprised how much was accumulated in the bathroom vanity, especially in the sink section and under the drawer.
Old cosmetics, broken items, empty product bottles, etc.
Clean it up before you decide what type of bathroom you want.
Go in with a garbage bag and then look at the rest and what you use personally every day.
Before you push down the wall-try saving money with the current foot print, then look at the storage concept of the small bathroom, then look at the storage room at the door and the stand on the wall to store as many items as possible, make them easy to use.
You can then install a wall-mounted bathroom vanity or sink to make this small space look bigger, smoother and cleaner.
Before you start removing the walls to renovate the space to make it bigger, see if you can really work within the current footprint by making more use of the wall space.
This is my plan!
We all need to pay attention to our money these days.
By carefully planning and surfing the Internet, you can find some really cool ideas to take advantage of the space you have.
If everything has its place, it can work.
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