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What Is The Most Comfortable Style Of Bathtub?


In modern life, the bathtub is no longer a household item in the bathroom that is only used for bathing. It is a very admirable decoration like furniture, and can even help you create a different way of life.From retro Baroque styles to modern minimalist avant-garde styles, from stand-alone bathtubs with skirts to triangular inserts, different styles of bathtubs give you the beauty and create different bathroom styles. People who have lived in urban life for a long time are always eager to invest in the embrace of nature. There is no embarrassment, only the turbulent waters tell the good times. Natural beauty This style of freestanding bathtub will give you the most comfortable state of bathing, regardless of the pattern or material.


Here are the following styles of bathtub introduction from different aspects.

Δ from design

Δ from shape

Δ choose the bathtub you like instead of expensive


Δ from design

1. Independent triangle bathtub

This bathtub reflects the exploration of the fundamental connections of the natural world. Designers use organic shapes and geometric shapes to highlight the characteristics through a harmonious relationship between natural beauty and modern design.

2. Separate bathtub surrounded by oval + waterproof wood

The shape of the bathtub is elliptical, and the four corners are rounded, which not only visually balances the natural beauty, but also protects the bather from harm.

3. Bathtub that can be placed independently or against a wall

In order to match the environment around the bathroom, the wall outside the bathtub is also made of a light brown tile veneer, which is different from the traditional treatment. This bathtub can also be placed against a wall to create a different effect.

4, independent bathtub for viewing and comfort

The changing, soft shape of the flowing water and the sleek curves are reflected in every detail of the bathtub. The freestanding bathtub itself has a very good view, and the two-headed and deepened design allows the person in the bath to protect the privacy.


Δ from shape

1. boat-shaped bathtub

The boat-shaped bathtub is usually associated with a traditional bathroom, but here is a different modern style bathroom, as seen here, the bathtub is characterized by one side high and one side low, and the higher end It looks like a pillow, and the whole bathtub looks like a small boat. When it appears as a free-standing bathtub, it is very effectively combined with a floor-standing faucet to create a dazzling character.

2.square bathtub

The square bathtub adds an interesting visual dynamic to the bathroom when space permits. Compared to a regular rectangular bathtub, the square bathtub is more spacious and suitable for large families. The square bathtub is suitable for any size bathroom. As you can see here, it is a good way to use the corner space of the small bathroom. The ingenious niche design on the wall provides a convenient storage space for the toiletries.

3.oval bathtub

The classic shape of the oval bathtub is perfect for most styles of bathrooms, and the soft rounded corners provide a relaxing bathing experience that adds to the comfort of the user. In addition, the soft curve is safe for families with children. In this case, the dark-toned bathroom contrasts sharply with the refreshing white bathtub, helping to catch people's attention.

4.round bathtub

Round bathtubs are popular in Europe, family showers are more common, but round bathrooms are not suitable for every bathroom, but if done well, as in this example, it is the perfect choice for creating a family spa. . The round bathtub is not a space-saving option and therefore not suitable for a compact bathroom space. However, when space permits, it can be a highlight of the bathroom, giving a noble visual effect. The round bathtub can also be equipped with a spa jet for added luxury.


Δ Choose the bathtub you like instead of expensive

The decorate styles that everyone likes are different, and the structure of each family's house is different. Therefore, we have to choose the right bathtub according to our own situation. The design of the bathtub should conform to the decoration style of the home. The shape of the bathtub conforms to the space structure of the bathroom.

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