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What types of wash basins are there? How to choose ceramic wash basins

by:KingKonree     2021-07-03

As an indispensable product in sanitary ware, it not only provides washing face and other items, but also has a certain decorative effect. The wash basin was originally made of wood and later improved into a porcelain-plated iron basin. Now, most of the wash basins in use are ceramic monolithic basins, so which one is better? The following editor will give you an introduction to the types of wash basins to help you choose a high-quality wash basin.

What are the types of wash basins?

1. Wooden wash basins

For some users who love nature, they often buy wooden items in their homes For example, the wooden wash basin has a pure and traceable texture. Whether it is a hollow design or a decorative pattern, it shows a natural way of life.

2. Glass wash basin

This kind of material gives a sense of exquisiteness, soft lines, very in line with the aesthetics of modern young people, but the glass material is fragile and not resistant to high temperatures Even the wash basin with a wall thickness of 19mm, its temperature resistance is only 80 ℃, so we must be very careful when using it, pour in a thousand boiled water, otherwise it will burst; and the glass wash basin is also more expensive and high The quality is generally above 8,000 yuan.

3. Porcelain wash basins

From the current market situation, this kind of material is frequently used in life, and there are many choices of styles and patterns. At the same time, its price is very high. Affordable, so it is loved by many people. When choosing a porcelain washbasin, you can look at its glaze and water absorption. A good glaze is good for stain resistance. Usually, you can wipe it with clean water and a rag.

4. Stainless steel wash basins

For young people, this kind of material is very popular, creating a sense of fashion and modernity, so the sales in the market are very good. However, because the steel material of the stainless steel washbasin is extracted at high temperature, the surface needs to go through processes such as frosting or mirror plating, so the price is not low.

How to choose ceramic washbasins

1. First observe the surface of the product. If it is bright and smooth enough, and there are no spots or scratches, it means that the material is not bad. When judging, it is best to observe carefully from the side under strong light. It is better to have no or few small trachoma and pitting on the surface. In addition, you can also touch it with your hands to feel smooth and delicate.

2. If a high-quality product is tapped by hand, it will emit a clear and loud sound quality, so if the sound is hoarse and the surface is cracked, no matter how good it looks, it is inferior. You can also check its water absorption If the water absorption rate is high, the ceramics will swell to a certain extent, causing the glaze to crack.

Summary: Ok, the above is the introduction about the types of wash basins. I hope to provide you with some help. I believe that in the future selection process of wash basins, friends will be more handy. Buy products that you are satisfied with.

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