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Yamena Sanitary Ware Little knowledge of sanitary ware

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Yamena Sanitary Ware Small knowledge of sanitary wares. Small knowledge of sanitary wares. Wash basins are also called wash basins. Although the wash basin is small, it is related to the mood of life. Choosing a beautiful and practical basin can make users feel happy and confident. Traditional basins only pay attention to practicality, but the popular basins pay more attention to the shape, and they are often placed separately, and their types, styles and shapes are very rich. Generally, it is divided into three types: table basin, column basin and hanging basin; and table basin has three types: above counter basin, upper basin, lower basin and half basin, column basin and hanging basin; and Table basins are divided into over-counter basins, upper inlay basins, lower inlay basins and semi-inlaid basins. The pedestal basins can be divided into pedestal basins and semi-pedestal basins; they are divided into round, oval, and rectangular in form. , Polygon, etc. The feature of the basin faucet is used to put cold water, hot water or mixed cold and hot water. Its structure includes screw lift type, metal ball valve type, ceramic valve core type and so on. The valve body is made of brass, and the exterior is chrome-plated, gold-plated and various metal baking paints, with various shapes; handles are divided into single handle and double handles; high-end basin faucets are equipped with falling water lifting rods, which can be directly lifted and opened The sink of the washbasin drains sewage. Types and characteristics of toilets The difference between the siphon type and the ordinary flushing method is that it flushes the water while achieving a siphon effect through a special curved pipe to quickly discharge the dirt. The siphon swirl type and jet type are equipped with a professional water inlet channel. The water from the water tank flows into the toilet below the horizontal surface, thereby eliminating the noise generated by the impact of the air and falling water in the pipe when the water tank enters the water, and has a good mute effect; while the ordinary flushing water Although the siphon type has a strong sewage discharge capacity, the noise is relatively large when flushing. Bathtub types and characteristics Bathtubs are divided into non-skirted cylinders and skirted cylinders according to their styles. The styles are heart-shaped, round, oval, rectangular, triangle, etc. According to different materials, bathtubs can be divided into acrylic, steel plate, cast iron, ceramics, imitation marble, frosted, glass steel, wood, etc. Among various materials, acrylic, steel plate, and cast iron are the mainstream products. Among them, cast iron has the highest grade, followed by acrylic and steel plate. In terms of function, in addition to the traditional bathtub, there is also a massage bathtub. There are three types of massage bathtubs: whirlpool, bubble and combined. The whirlpool bathtub can make the water in the bathtub rotate; the bubble bathtub can pump air into the water; the combined bathtub is a combination of the above two functions. Under normal circumstances, the length of the bathtub varies from 1100 to 1700mm, and the depth is generally 500 to 800mm. If the bathroom area is small, you can choose 1100mm, 1300mm bathtub; if the bathroom area is larger, you can choose 1500mm, 1700mm, bathtub; if the bathroom area is large enough, you can install high-end massage bathtub and double bathtub, or exposed bathtub . Bathtubs with a length of less than 1500mm are often deeper than ordinary bathtubs, about 700mm in depth. This is often referred to as a sitz bath. Due to the small area of u200bu200bthe bottom of the tank, this kind of bathtub is easier to stand than ordinary bathtubs, which saves space and does not affect the use. Comfort. (
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