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1. Take responsibility - invest in the blame game

by:KingKonree     2020-09-25

2. Realise that all is not lost - the majority of people cannot answer the following question at an interview 'why do you want the job?' Mastery at this question will put you in the top ten per cent.

3. Go for a job in your industry of choice don't just go for any job energetically interviewers will know that you don't really want it, and will wait for someone who truly does. Be prepared to work at a junior level to follow your dream - it is easier getting up the ladder than in the door.

4. Build a compelling book of evidence that will prove you truly want the job this should include highlighting past experience and Web presence on the topic.

5. Become an expert in your area - follow the 10,000 hour rule invest three hours a day on researching your passion - open your mind to creating not just finding a job.

6. Leverage power of the net to develop expert status -set up google alerts on your topics of interest- develop your own virtual research team for free. So you want to become a motivational speaker why not set up a Google alert for 'motivational speaker!'

7. Imagine attending an interview with expert status in your field - opens up subcontract possibilities - at minimum you have differentiated yourself from the competition.

8. Develop interpersonal skills simply open your eyes and be led by interviewer's body language not your notes - awareness is key - if they are asleep they are asleep! So change strategy or choose to travel the insanity loop where you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

9. Too often interviewers recruit those that mirror their own inadequacies or brilliance -so talent doesn't always win the day. Be aware and mirror where they are at.

10. Have faith -true talent will always find a way.

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