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KKR 100% pure acrylic solid surface sheet can be bent flexibly and is thermoformable. It is widely used as flexible and well-designed furniture for the modern office, household, and other architectures.

The product adopts PMMA as the main material which makes it be of superior stability and high mechanical strength. Compared with other products in the market, it has high light transmittance and high safety performance. Additionally, the product is made of UPR which has the advantages of heat resistance, high bending strength, and chemical corrosion resistance. Having gone through several tests for 24 hours, the product is proved to stay stable even there are vinegar, coffee, liquor, and other liquid on it. Being repairable and renewable, it still looks brand new even after 10 years of use. Having been treated with skilled surface polishing technology, the product has a smoother and softer surface with no porous or splicing trace. This also results in the product's easy cleaning and maintenance.

KKR 100% pure acrylic solid surface sheet can be supplied with customized sizes and different thickness ranging from 6mm to 30mm for satisfying customers' needs. The product is manufactured by advanced machines and techniques which strictly ensures the thickness tolerance to be controlled within 0.5mm.

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