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12 design tips to make a small bathroom better

by:KingKonree     2020-03-08
If you have a super small bathroom, try to make everything fit into the available space, just like doing a huge crossword game.
One of the challenges is: configure the toilet and sink to code, allow enough clearance for the shower, and of course where the towels and towels are placedp.
Despite the challenges, it is best to squeeze into an extra bathroom in most cases where there is an urgent need for a bathroom, even if it must be small.
If you plan to go this way, here are 12 tips for designing this photo --
Perfect little bathroom.
There are 10 small houses that live a lot.
Install a corner sink.
Sometimes even the base sink destroys the only traffic lane available in the bathroom.
In this case, placing a corner sink across the toilet is better than the sink opposite the shower.
Opening and closing of shower doors usually cause awkward walking-
Surrounding conditions. 2.
Use shower curtain.
The front and rear moving shower curtain saves space on the glass door in and out. Shower-
The tub combination can actually accommodate small spaces, some of which are 60 inch long. 3.
In addition to visually helping the bathroom look bigger, installing a dresser on the floor can make a little room for small items. 4.
Around Vanity
A tight space can pose a risk to the hips.
If the corner of vanity can get in the way of you, choose the round style.
Yes, the round dresser can work in a square space.
No more scratches on the hips! Find That Just-
Right bathroom vanity on Houzz5.
Extend the counter to the toilet. This banjo-
Style can be arranged with stones or wooden boards.
The extension counter only creates enough space for some of the items that are needed.
The toilet is not affected and the appearance is simple and clean. 6. Use a large-scale pattern. A large-
The scale pattern like this wide stripe can deceive the eyes to see the expanded space.
The square feet may remain the same, but the bathroom will feel even bigger. 7.
Skip the shower door.
If your bathroom is about 5 feet wide then there is plenty of room to squeeze into the toilet and 30-by 60-inch tub.
In this tight condition, consider using a glass panel instead of a glass shower door.
It will keep most of the water in the shower and free up the required elbow space. 8.
Expand the mirror.
In the narrowest space, having a mirror across the wall, not just the vanity, allows two people to use it at the same time. In less-than-
Ideal space conditions, every inch is helpful. 9.
Install the towel rod on the door.
When the space is the most hours, it is convenient to use the towel by installing a towel rod on the shower door.
You may need to store most of the towels in a nearby linen closet, but it is essential to leave a towel nearby to dry. 10.
Install a sink.
The tank sink is narrow and clean.
Find space solutions.
The profile of the trough sink is very low.
When installed on the wall, they also make room for the floor for storage or walking traffic. 11.
Choose a dresser for a shelf.
The design of the base becomes more intelligent.
Even the base style of a shelf can be put in a towel or toilet paper basket. 12. Use a wall-mounted faucet.
Installing a faucet on the wall can make the sink or vanity narrower, which in turn saves the square foot of the entire bathroom.
Don\'t be afraid to try a wall-
Faucet installed in traditional design.
It works anywhere!
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