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12 Factors You Should Know About Solid Surface Material Attributes


1. Outstanding overall performance, deserving of selection

The physical qualities of artificial stone solid surface materials, such as stretching, bending, and impact, are more than 20% more than those of genuine stone, and they have the benefits of high toughness, high rigidity, and not being easily cracked.

2. Resistance to pollution, anti-fouling, and cleaning

The artificial stone solid surface material is chemically resistant, has a low water absorption rate, which is 1/300 of that of natural marble, and does not absorb stains or liquids.

The smooth surface of artificial stone has stone qualities and is very easy to maintain. For the sake of convenience, we generally utilize imitation stone for our kitchen counters. To avoid oily smoke, artificial stone in the kitchen can be treated with a coating of protective chemical.

3. Vibrant hues, vibrant life

Artificial stone solid surface materials contain all possible colors due to the thorough manufacture of color paste, avoiding the single color and uneven color of natural materials.

4. Flame retardant and heat resistant, as well as secure and safe

When aluminum hydroxide is applied to the solid surface of artificial stone and heated to high temperatures, it can release water molecules, inhibit spontaneous combustion, and absorb heat to dissipate heat.

5. Simple to splice, one continuous

The structure of the artificial stone solid surface material is the same on the inside and exterior. The joint marks are difficult to discern after being bonded and polished with the same color special adhesive during use and processing. Various goods can be spliced and combined effortlessly.

6. Simple to maintain, saving time and effort

If there are scratches or high-temperature scalding marks on artificial stone solid surface materials, you can remove them with wet sandpaper and then polish them with wax to restore them to their original state.

7. Don't be surprised if a rock cracks; instead, relax.

A specific procedure is used to create the artificial stone solid surface material out of resin and aluminum hydroxide. It has a stronger impact strength than natural materials and a high plasticity. Only bonding and grinding can return it to its original shape if it has been purposely damaged or shattered during manufacturing.

8. Environmental protection and no radiation means you may relax.

The ingredients used to create the artificial stone solid surface material are environmentally benign. It is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and completely safe for human consumption. It's made of food-grade materials.

9.  High toughness and plasticity

When compared to other building materials, artificial stone solid surface material has higher toughness, is less brittle, and can be molded into a variety of shapes after high temperature heating, making it the best choice for special-shaped processing.

The hardness of artificial stone is often greater than that of marble, which has hard stone qualities. We don't have to be concerned about artificial stone being brittle. Many families choose imitation stone for floors and walls because of its hardness.

10. Be warm, comfy, and gentle on your skin.

Natural marble is cold to the touch and emits radiation, whereas fake stone solid surfaces are skin-friendly and warm when touched. It is comprised of polymer composite materials, contains no radiation, and is really green and safe.

11. Antibacterial and anti-mildew properties, which safeguard health

The artificial stone solid surface material is constructed of polymer components, and the overall structure is dense and non-porous, leaving no room for germs to reproduce in any holes, so it will not mold or conceal dirt.

12. Economical and long-lasting, saving you money

The advantages of the artificial stone solid surface material include its resistance to wear and corrosion. The product is cost-effective and long-lasting, and it solves the consumable flaws of other materials. After a lengthy time of use, it merely needs to be polished to look like new.

Because artificial stone is composed of stone powder, which differs from natural stone, ingredients are difficult to obtain, hence the price is low. 

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