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167 modern American style, luxurious and elegant, the TV wall is too practical!

by:KingKonree     2020-04-22

This 167-square-meter house is built in a luxurious and elegant modern American style. Through the combination of dignity and comfortable atmosphere, this American style shows a luxurious and high-grade atmosphere; on the basis of elegant and high-grade, through practical design It is even more exciting.

living room

The living room TV wall is equipped with a niche shape, and the two sides are storage display cabinets, decorated with books and ornaments, so that the mood of watching TV has become much better;

The wall of the sofa is equipped with wainscoting and adorned with square decorative paintings. Combining modern and comfortable fabric sofas with a stable and textured coffee table, it presents a modern comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.


The restaurant has a modern and elegant hard space, and a set of exquisite photo wall hanging on the warm wall, combined with the black sideboard and dining table and chairs, with a brown dining table, the whole combination of a chandelier, the whole The restaurants are extraordinarily stable and elegant;

The shape of the artificial beam and the decorative lines on the wall also add to the aesthetic sense of the space;

The shape of the sunglasses, combined with the vase ornament of the ancient rhyme, combined with the retro sideboard of the black cabinet, makes the restaurant full of luxury;

Bar counter

There is a small bar on the balcony next to the restaurant. I have breakfast here in the morning, and I am drinking coffee in the afternoon in the sun.


The L-shaped kitchen is decorated with a modern American style. The overall warm and warm style is full of comfort.


The aisle space is simple and elegant, with arched doors and wall moldings, and a painting of the building, which is simple and full of American temperament;


The bedroom is styled in a sleek and luxurious style, with a choice of vintage-style sheets in the selection of sheets, now full of exotic feel;


The small study room is a bright space, with a three-fold door glass door, which makes the space appear transparent; the red striped cushion behind the window card seat adds a playful atmosphere to the space;

The black desk gives a steady and luxurious texture. At the same time, the desk is equipped with a wall-mounted bookcase. The overall white tone + hot red match makes the space look romantic and passionate;

The shelf above the desk is hung with a cute little hand to make the study look more lovely;


The guest guard put the wash basin next to the aisle, the black solid wood bathroom cabinet, combined with the white artificial stone countertop, the wall near the countertop position with a mosaic, hanging a luxurious mirror and wall lamp, a small wash basin All look elegant and dignified;

The bathroom is decorated with a gradient pink tone to make the space full of romantic and lovely atmosphere; in the small space, the shower curtain is used as a partition, practical and space-saving;

The main guard is a darker American style that is more stable, and the whole space is very dignified and elegant.

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