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2011 sanitary ware market consumption tends to 'three modernizations'

by:KingKonree     2021-05-24

The continuous renewal and development of technology has led to the continuous diversification, individualization and specialization of consumption in the sanitary ware market. Recently, sanitary ware products have also launched a series of complementary products with additional functions such as relaxing bathtubs, cabinet basins, and steam rooms. Sanitary hardware products tend to be more humane, rich in products, and more options. According to different groups of people, the products produced vary from person to person to different groups of people, and the meticulous division of labor makes the market more diversified.

Consumption in the sanitary ware market varies from person to person

Facing domestic consumers, many companies will find that most consumers first consider the brand when buying goods. Next is the price, and then the quality. Low-end consumers have limited economic conditions, and many people don't know much about the importance of bathroom hardware accessories, so they pay more attention to price.

2011 sanitary ware market consumption tends to 'three modernizations'

Many sanitary ware companies said in interviews that 'low-end prices, high-end quality' are Their current business philosophy. Some sanitary ware companies are seeing the huge potential of this part of the consumer group, making full use of promotion and other means to attract their desire to buy. For example, Langjing Sanitary Ware, which has been doing hot sales promotion activities, has begun to turn its attention to mass consumption. In addition, many companies are actively expanding to second- and third-tier cities, and are beginning to focus on catering to the living habits of low-end consumers in terms of product research and development.

Insight into market consumption habits

The commonly called 'bones and bones' class refers to those white-collar workers, backbones, and elites with certain economic strength. They can be said to be the main customers of the high-end consumer group. Those who pursue the quality of life naturally pay more attention to the quality of the products and the cultural connotations that the products bring to their lives when buying products, which is the so-called 'petty bourgeoisie'.

The high-end positioning of Dilang Sanitary Ware has seen the consumption potential of this group of people. Ding Qinzhou, the assistant sales director of Dilang Hong Kong Co., Ltd. pointed out that this part, commonly known as 'Bone EssenceBut this kind of economic strength is not enough to consume very high-end products, so it often pursues 'marginalizationTherefore, Dilang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. recently conducted a series of activities in the 'Dilang Carnival' nationwide, organically combining many products, so that friends of this class can not only afford to consume, but also get the satisfaction of the 'petty bourgeoisie'.

Sanitary ware consumption is more targeted

According to the statistics of my country’s third census, the female market accounts for 48.7% of my country’s population, of which 20 have strong spending power and have a greater impact on consumption. -50-year-old young and middle-aged women, accounting for about 21% of the total population. At the same time, surveys show that women are not only purchasers of personal consumer goods, but also decision-makers for the vast majority of children's products, elderly products, men's products, and household products. According to the '2006: Report on the Living Conditions of Chinese Women he height of. Women have become the core force in the Chinese consumer army.

In fact, women have a natural relationship with the home. The power of home decoration is often in the hands of women, and it is often the hostess of the family who decides the choice of ceramics. In modern life, the imagination of color is becoming more and more important. The color of the home is verbal and the expression of the owner’s emotions. The color space conveys the inner appeal of the owner’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, and the wall occupies the area of u200bu200bthe room* *Large style carrier, **reflects the characteristics of the home.

For this kind of demand, it is recommended to emphasize the combination and use of colors, plus environmental protection and materials, which are currently an important means for Foshan ceramics to impress women. Such as Dongpeng Ceramics In the Mood for Love series, Datang Hesheng’s Nine-Pin Woman Series and Eagle Brand’s Feminine Proposition series. According to women's individual needs, construct a space to show their respective taste characteristics, and innovatively integrate culture, personality, and living space to present the oriental atmosphere of women's fashion taste space. Believe that 'her age' has unlimited potential and will become the main development trend of the ceramic sanitary ware industry.

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