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2014 Customized Bathroom 'Swordsman' Home Furnishing Market

by:KingKonree     2021-05-23

Customized sanitary ware is by no means a designated single-item product, but a generalized sanitary space and environment. As small as the faucet shower, basin and bathtub, as large as the wall and floor composed of ceramic tiles and mosaics, they will all reflect their reasonable positioning in the overall design concept. The design of any single bathroom product must be integrated into an overall environment with a unified style, and this is the root of customized bathroom.

Types of custom bathroom products

Currently, the customization of bathroom products is mainly divided into two aspects: one is partial customization, which is currently possible, such as according to your favorite and Need to change the color and size of the bathroom cabinet, or change the configuration of the hardware shower according to the demand. The other is the overall customization, allowing people to dress up the bathroom space according to their own needs and their own style. This is the direction that many brands are developing.

2014 custom sanitary ware 'Swordsman' home market

Consumers are drawn in

because custom sanitary products must be Communication between consumers and companies is sufficient. Generally, designers will communicate with consumers and draw the wishes of consumers on paper, so that consumers can see whether the designed products really cater to their needs. In this communication process, the designer represents the company, and the attitude and level displayed when communicating with consumers are related to the image of the sanitary ware company and the sense of trust it brings to consumers. In short, customizing the bathroom can make the relationship between the company and the consumer more intimate. In this process, the company performs well and the product designed afterwards can lock the consumer well and make the consumer When you need personalized sanitary products in the future, you can directly contact the company. It brings not only personalized bathroom products but also long-term stable customers.

Customized sanitary ware market

At present, there are very few companies that really form customized sanitary ware in China. For this reason, the customized sanitary ware market is like a big cake. If you can grasp this market well, it will Bring considerable profits to the enterprise. This also shows that companies need to understand consumers' ideas and concepts in order to design products that consumers love, and in order to occupy a favorable position in the competition and obtain more profits. [Follow the WeChat public account 'Jiuzheng Sanitary Ware Network'; follow politely, scan the code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzheng Sanitary Ware Network Exchange Group: 106480952]

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