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2015 cabinet countertop brand rankings

by:KingKonree     2021-05-07

   There are many cabinet countertops on the market, and the brands are rather messy. We often don’t know which one to choose when buying. So what’s the ranking of cabinet countertop brands in 2015? Let's get to know the relevant situation of the cabinet countertop brand.

  2015 cabinet countertop brand rankings

  1 Corian, the pioneer of artificial stone countertops

  2 stars, Samsung, South Korea Sub-brands of the brand

  3 Haomeis, a sub-brand of South Korea’s LG company

  4, Jiajule

  佳Jule is a brand of Dongguan Jiajule Cabinet Co., Ltd., founded in 1994. It has successively won many honors such as the double ten model brands in the cabinet industry, the top ten brands of China's top ten cabinets, the top ten brands of overall cabinets, and the top 100 cabinet and bathroom enterprises in China, which consolidated Jiajule's leading position in the industry.

  5. Hanli Cabinet

   Hanli Cabinet is a brand of Foshan Hanli Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as the largest cabinet and wardrobe manufacturer in China and even Asia, and it also passes through China Environmental certification mark products are well received by consumers.

  6, Oupai

   Oupai cabinets can be said to be household names in China and have a high reputation. The company was established in Guangzhou in 1994 and is currently one of the largest kitchenware production bases in Asia. As China's first to introduce a brand, Oupai cabinets are produced in strict accordance with international standards, and the raw materials are also strictly checked, which has promoted the Oupai cabinet brand to the leading position in the industry.

  7, Deyi Libo cabinets

   China's top ten cabinet brands, China's cabinet industry top ten brands with the most quality assurance, China's cabinet industry engineering supporting brand, the best Chinese cabinet industry Top ten brands of technological innovation, China Red Star Award for Innovative Design, 2012 Top Ten Brands of Chinese Cabinets, etc.

  8, a good omen kitchen cabinet

   was founded in 1999, China's well-known trademark, China's top ten cabinet brands, China's cabinet industry design gold award, Chinese kitchen Best Integrity Brand in the Cabinet Industry, Famous Export Brand Products, Excellent Quality Award in China Cabinet Industry, Double Ten Demonstration Brands in China Cabinet Industry, Top Ten Brands in China Cabinet in 2012, etc

  9, PIANO (Top Ten Cabinet Brands, Chinese Environmental Labeling Products, Famous Brands in Guangdong Province, Innovator of Science and Art Kitchen, Guangdong Piano Science and Artist House Co., Ltd.)

  10, MK Xinya (the top ten brands of overall kitchen cabinets, China's cost-effective kitchen cabinet brands, Chinese environmental certification mark products, 100,000 square meters of imported production base, Xinya Home Furnishing Group)


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