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4 precautions for bathtub installation

by:KingKonree     2021-05-12

Matters to note when installing the bathtub:

(1) There is a slight gap between the bathtub and the wall. Bricks must be laid along the wall to fill in the gap. The upper surface of the brick is 2 cm lower than the upper surface of the bathtub. Left and right so that tiles can be attached after **.

(2) The tiles in the bathroom should be laid after the bathtub is installed. To install the bathtub after the wall is finished, knock out the bottom of the cylinder mouth during installation, that is, chisel the groove, which is convenient for inserting the upper mouth of the bathtub, and then trim it to prevent water leakage from the upper mouth when the bathtub is in use. .

(3) After the bathtub drain pipe reaches the water outlet on the ground, a drainage test should be carried out, and the waste water should not be tested for leakage.

(4) In order to stabilize the bathtub and prolong the service life of the bathtub, it is recommended to put glass glue on the place where the bathtub is in contact with the skirt and the wall, which can effectively keep the bottom of the bathtub dry and prolong the service life.

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