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5 gross things in your shower, and what to do about them

by:KingKonree     2020-02-03
Author: Julie Cole: The Shutterstock bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in the bathroom. It\'s a particularly cruel irony.
You may overlook this issue before your lease expires or your family goes to town, but doing so actually means that you are cleaning yourself with mold.
Oh, let me explain. --
And more nausea. -out items.
To learn more about the horrible things hidden in the shower, read on. 1.
The shower curtain lets us start with something more obvious, making your bathing space totally disgusting, like that dirty shower curtain, covered with mildew.
Even those who call themselves \"models\"-
Freedom will eventually develop a fungal growth that turns plastic shower curtains into something similar to Gorgonzola.
Closing the shower curtain will help. --
When the material folds itself, the water is intercepted and becomes a good place for molds and moulds.
Cleaning: Let the curtain hang over its pole and use bleach to deal with the problem area. -
Based on the spray, mildew and mildew are erased with sponge.
Clean the machine with cold water, a small amount of detergent and half cup of bleach or white vinegar. or (
Let\'s level it up here. buy a new one.
More: 12 fast and easy home hackers each tenant should do credit: Flickr / Adil tabri2.
\"Glass shower door\" shows what you know, madam!
I don\'t need a shower curtain. --
I have a glass shower door.
\"Well, sir, it\'s your turn now!
Glass shower doors are well known for developing a soap scum luster that creates a milky, cloudy appearance.
Soon, soap dregs will breed Serratia marcescens, which is a science. -
It means pink. -
Orange bacteria are common in toilets.
And it\'s ugly!
In order to prevent the formation of soap scum and water stain on the glass shower door, use a rubber cleaning brush to absorb dry water and product flow. -
Shut down after shower.
Clean up: It\'s strange, but the truth is this: dry sheets like bounce can be used to scrub the scum from soap.
Wet the sheet and wipe it clean with a ball, just like using a circular net scrubber.
Credit: Flickr/Shannon Pickett 3.
Like a shower curtain, there may be traces of soap residue on your shower wall. Over time, soap residue can lead to the production of molds, fungi and bacteria.
This is especially true for ceramic tile showers where porous cement slurry will adhere to fashionable places. -looking spores.
Clean it up: a heavy one-
Work moulds and fungicides, such as X-
14 will remove ugly growth in a short time without scrubbing.
Credit: Flickr/Karen 4.
The bathtub gives you a good look at your bathtub or shower floor.
What do you see?
Is there a brown ring around the bathtub?
Are there black spots on your dirty foot? Hairs galore?
Over time, the bathtub itself gets dirty, which is annoying, because it\'s the place you want to clean!
Will water flow back because of slow speed? -moving drain? Fix that. Backed-
Rising water will leave behind product construction that will mess up your bathtub.
Clean up: Fill the bathtub with hot water, add a spoonful of oxygen bleach, like oxo brite, and let it sit for 30 minutes.
Drain the water from the bathtub and quickly scrub the remaining dirt with a sponge.
Credit: Flickr/Nik Stanbridge 5.
Bathtub mats Rubber bathtub mats help prevent slipping in the shower, but they come at a cost.
When was the last time you saw that?
Go ahead, I can wait. Gross, right?
Covered with mold, slightly sticky?
Nausea, nausea, nausea, nausea!
Cleaning: Just like using cement slurry, using moulds-and-mildew-
Eliminate spray cleaning bathtub pads.
Let the detergent work for about 15 minutes, then sponge and rinse with hot water. But wait!
There are five other disgusting things bothering your shower. --
Find out what they are throughout the story, only in thrillers. com!
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Thrillistalso on Huffpost: The bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in the bathroom, which is a particularly cruel irony.
You may overlook this issue before your lease expires or your family goes to town, but doing so actually means that you are cleaning yourself with mold.
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