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5 Ways To Remove Stains On Wash Basins


The ugly brown spots on the bathtub and wash basin may be rusty, which is caused by many different reasons. Usually, rust is the result of water passing through rusty old galvanized pipes. If you have hard water, rust may be caused by iron and minerals that remain on the surface of your wash basin. However, in the final analysis, it doesn't matter how the wash basin gets those stain. The important thing is that it looks bad and should be cleaned up. Fortunately, removing these stains is easy. There are five ways to remove stains.


The excerpt is as following

1.what makes your wash basin stained

2.5 ways to remove stains on wash basin

3.How to prevent wash basin stain



what makes your sink stained

There are several different causes of stains in the wash basin. Sometimes you didn't completely drain the water in the bathtub, leaving a damp place for bacteria to grow. At other times, the quality of the wash basin is not very good, it may not be all-ceramic, the density is not high, the dirt will penetrate, and the porcelain will be lost after a long time. Another major cause is hard water,

some stains are actually mineral deposits left by hard water, The stains on the wash basin are very annoying. Here are a few ways to make your wash basin always look like new.


5 ways to maintain washbasin


Some household items can be a powerful tool for cleaning wash basin, due to leave behind water will promote bacterial growth, you can clean the remaining water stains with a dry rag or sponge daily to prevent your wash basin turn to yellow.

· Two

Avoid using abrasive cleaners and sponges. Abrasive cleaners can corrode the surface of the porcelain sink, causing it to collect dirt and damage the gloss. Place a rubber sink pad on the bottom of the sink to prevent it from being scratched by the tableware.

· three

Wipe the kitchen sink once a week with a vinegar-free rag to remove the haze caused by soap scum and hard water deposits.

· Four

Mix 1 spoon of liquid dishwashing soap with 1/2 gallon of warm water. Rinse the inside of the wash basin with soap solution to remove accumulated grease. Use soap every day or as needed to prevent grease from accumulating on the surface of kitchen sink.

· Five

Spread the wash basin with a double paper towel. Sprinkle enough bleach on the towel to make it moist. Leave the towel in place for the night and then wipe the sink clean the next morning. Do this only as needed when the sink is dirty and regular cleaning does not remove dirt.

How to prevent wash basin stain

· In the bathroom, watch out for mishaps with hair dyes and nail polish—products containing chemicals that can harm or strip the finished surface of wash basin.

· In the kitchen, be wary of placing silverware directly into the sink, as it can scuff and score the surface over time. For protection, place a soft dish mat or dish drainer into the sink.

· Choose wash basin from KKR, here in KKR, we produce wash basin with high- end artificial stone which is antioxidant and stain-proof, means you won’t even need to worry the stain problem.


Keeping a washbasin stainless will add charm and brilliance to your bathroom or kitchen. There are five ways to help you have a clean bathroom basin, or you can just choose KKR wash basin, we offer you a one-stop solution to your bathroom and kitchen wash basin cleaning.


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