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50 flat demolished walls and turned into small 3 houses, overspending 120,000 to create a beautiful rural mixed house_Construction Diary

by:KingKonree     2021-07-01

50 flat demolished walls turned into a small three-bedroom, overspending 120,000 to build a beautiful rural mixed-and-matched house. The owner did his own design without a designer. Most of the photos are shown from the details of the house.

The sofa has a panoramic view.

The partition wall next to the sofa also plays a decorative role.

The entrance to the entrance.

Through the hollow design of the partition wall, look towards the living room.

Green fabric sofa.

Decorative flowers for the desktop display.

The dining table.

Inside the kitchen.

The whole cabinet, close-up.


The balcony.

The interior of the bedroom.

The interior of the bathroom.

Bathroom mirror.

Dressing table.

Decorative chandeliers.

The bedroom wall.

Bay window.

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