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7 creepy urban legends that happen to be true (part 4)

by:KingKonree     2020-03-10
Once again, at that time of year, Cracked walked out of our way to see the quirky story that allegedly happened to your friend\'s former roommate, cousin, girlfriend.
As we have shown, sometimes the stories told and retold with a flashlight at a pajamas party are not as full of surprises as we wish.
We all received emails from tourists kidnapped or under anesthesia, only to wake up and find that one of their kidneys was once a shabby scar.
These stories sound like good material for Eli Ross movies, but they can\'t be true, can they?
They told Indian construction workers that they thought he had just been lucky enough to do a new high-paying construction job in New Delhi.
Saleem was told to travel to the city and wait for further guidance in a specific bungalow.
While these instructions may raise some flags where you come from, the job promises to pay an extra dollar a day.
In India, it\'s like upgrading from a beggar to a blind beggar without having to poke your eyes with a hot knife.
Unfortunately for Saleem, his new employer has never appeared.
Instead, the masked man broke into the house and forced Saleem to take medicine and knocked him out.
After a while, he will wake up on the cold metal gurney and there is a pain in shooting around him.
His kidney was gone and the kidnappers told him in no uncertain terms that if he told anyone he would lose more than just a kidney.
And Saleem is not the only victim.
Police will then find a blood.
Reverse Robin Hood scheme for soaking.
A group of men pretend to be doctors, steal organs from the poor, and sell them to rich people who are willing to pay high prices for kidney transplants.
If you cross India off the list of countries you are visiting, you will want to put your pen outside.
The money is valuable from Brazil to Eastern Europe.
The chain of emails may have originated from the events in Moldova, an Eastern European country.
The biggest difference between chain email and reality is that in the real world, they usually dump your body on the side of the road after robbing your organ suitcase.
The bottom line is that there are a lot of people who are willing to do anything to reach new markets and new organs. -
Even if the person who owns them has not used them completely yet.
So yes, sometimes spam is not exactly spam. -
But don\'t be hopeful about getting back the five Grand Slams you sent to the Nigerian prince.
The bodies of the ChimneyA people are missing, and their loved ones seem high and low to them, but the search turns out to be futile ---
Until there was a suggestive smell in the fireplace.
The family looked out of the dark chimney, and they certainly could not find Santa Claus on it.
In August, a 49-year-old woman tried to enter her house. again, off-Boyfriend again.
We guess they\'re \"no-
\"At the time, because she decided to climb up the roof and descend into the house through the chimney, instead of saying to open the front door with the key.
Obviously, when she was a child, she didn\'t watch a lot of Rooney\'s music, or she knew that these types of plans would almost never work.
Halfway through the chimney, she got stuck, with her boyfriend, and when she was stuck in the ash that would eventually become her, no one heard her cry for help
The last place to rest.
When she didn\'t go to work, friends and family immediately started looking for her, but nothing came up until her boyfriend\'s house --
The nanny will water the plants.
After entering the house, the nanny immediately noticed a strong stench and found that the fireplace was full ---
Now this is a technical term. -.
What is the most amazing place in this story?
The job that the unfortunate dead woman didn\'t show up? .
If this story proves anything, no matter how smart you are, bad relationships will make you do something crazy.
Creepy sewer creature you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, still half asleep.
When you plop in the toilet and open your Time magazine, you hear something shaking in the water just a few inches away from your bare ass.
Check between your legs and you\'ll see a wet-and-wet-legged sewer mouse, which is weird because you don\'t remember eating one.
Before you figure out where it came from, it goes up in its back and gives you a dose of rabies where it counts.
One night, Ian went to the bathroom. when he raised the toilet seat, he found himself face to face with a furry creature. the second eye was confirmed to be the Charmin bear. It was beady-
Sewer mouse with wet eyes
Ian\'s first move would be done by anyone wise ---
He tried to flush it.
Cleansing and flushing eliminate many other unwanted things. why not the mouse?
Unfortunately, this will only make it angry.
Finally, Ian had to trap the squeaky struggling beast between the bowl and the toilet seat and murder the pest with his own hand.
The whole thing sounds like the last scene of the movie, and when the hero finally realizes the terrible things he has to do, it\'s actually true, except for the more terrible ones.
If you are not afraid to catch the liberal bias, you can hear the whole story from Ian himself.
As it turns out, Ian is not the only one who has this happening, and plumbers agree that you should check it before you squat in any toilet on the ground floor of a building.
Of course, he said that all the toilet mice he met were in the penthouse and shimmered over the roof vent.
Anyway, the next time you go to the bathroom after a visit to Taco Bell, be sure to check the bowl first. . .
Even mice are not worth it.
The human grease vampire section of South America tells the story of the terrible Pishtacos, who follow farmers along dark roads, kill them and drain their fat.
The story of these cholesterol
It\'s hard for vampires to believe-
What did Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer teach us, and vampires go into red shir most of the time.
If they spend all their time drinking liquid fat, how will they keep the rippling of the six abs?
When the police arrested a gang operating deep in the jungle highlands of Peru, they made some--
A bunch of people\'s ribs and thigh bones, a rotten person\'s head, and yes, two plastic Coke bottles full of what seems to be human fat.
It seems that the gang will confront people on a quiet road, lure them to the lab, kill them, dismember them, and then squeeze the fat out of their bodies with candles, they captured it in a basin below.
But how do you deal with a bottle of human pot drops?
Police initially claimed they would be usedaging creams.
On the black market, the liquid fat is priced at $15,000 per liter, according to the BBC.
To preserve the credo of some vampire streets, the criminals themselves claim that they will sell it to the local shaman for satanic rituals.
The motive of the murderer may never be certain, but this is clear ---
The South American version should avoid the Peruvian jungle.
The legend of PCP eaters has been circulating for some time, and this drug PCP not only stimulates the illusion monster of the common garden variety --
In fact, it has the ability to turn a person into a hungry madman.
Of course, this is just the madness of refrigeration.
But style propaganda-
What did Nancy Reagan dream of in her more creative mood?
The story of a rapper with a creepy voice handle \"Big lur\" is not the case.
In 2002, people found huge canyons, well, streaking on the streets of Los Angeles, after nearly a week of PCP revelry, covered with blood, howling on the moon.
Of course, it\'s not all weird for a rapper ---
Snoopy dogs think drugs
A normal Saturday night, the moon is roaring-
But once they checked anqiong\'s apartment, things became even more sinister.
There they found his roommate brutally killed, her lungs torn from her torso and her body and face covered. . . bite marks.
I checked the contents of anchuang\'s stomach and found that it was full of human flesh. it officially ruled out the defense of \"Well, I think the dog must have done that.
It turns out that PCP may be a gateway drug. -
A door to being such a person.
Of course we don\'t want to be alarmist. -
We certainly have a lot of excellent addicts on PCP.
What we\'re trying to say is that you might want to go to Burger King because it\'s obviously not the medicine you want to take on an empty stomach.
The ice man was completely frozen and sent to hospital assuming he had died.
The doctor struck the body with his pen and declared, \"Yes, that\'s dead,\" that the presumed body was taken to the morgue before any child accidentally stuck his tongue.
But this is not the end of the story--
When the body unfreezes, it starts to stir, and finally gets up and out of the hospital as if nothing happened.
When the neighbors found Jean Hilliard in the snow
This is not a euphemism.
In the deep freeze of your grandmother, she was frozen like a turkey.
Her body was frozen enough to break her body temperature too low to register, and when they took her to the hospital, they dressed her up in the car like a piece of wood from Home Depot.
From almost every point of view, she is dead and cold.
When Jeansicle arrived at the hospital, the doctor tried to unfreeze her, but no one had much hope for a happy ending.
Even if she is not dead, all medical evidence suggests that she will suffer at least severe freezing and brain damage.
While Jean was lying in an electric pad, her eyelids began to shake, and after a while she was completely unfrozen and brought back to life.
She took a nap in the snow and definitely didn\'t show any bad effects. -
There is no freezing injury, no brain damage, no freezing injury. The 19-
A one-year-old woman from North Dakota was basically resurrected from her death without injury.
Did she have an antifreeze cocktail earlier in the evening? Did Mr.
Frozen secretly giving up her adoption as a baby? Dr.
George SE, who treats her, does not rule out any problems.
As he said, \"I can\'t explain why she is alive.
\"No one knows for sure, but if her child tries to go out in the cold without wearing a hat and gloves, she must have a terrible story to tell them.
According to a police officer approaching someone in public, or knocking at the door, telling them that there is a dangerous criminal in the area, it is important that they let them in, or that the person comes with them.
A man of integrity-
But not particularly keen. -
Citizens, do what officials tell them.
When they closed the door behind them and blocked their fate, they asked the police officer what the criminal looked like.
\"Oh,\" replied the officer. \"It\'s actually like me.
\"As she browsed a bookstore in Utah, a police officer approached her and told her that her car had been hit in the parking lot and that she should go to the station with him to submit the report.
A very reasonable requirement, except for a very important fact ---
The police officer is, in fact, Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer.
When Bondi did not pick her up in the shiny police release Crown Victoria, Carol began to wonder what had happened, but his mass Bug.
Although she\'s still in the car, hey, it was in her 70 s. -
At that time, the creepy people driving Volkswagen accounted for 90% of the male population.
Thankfully, Carol finally caught it when Bondi took out a gun and a pair of handcuffs.
She managed to kick his ball, fled the car and crashed another car that drove her to the police station.
After going through what she just went through, we suspect that she made sure that every police officer at the station showed her their badge about six times.
Bondi is hardly the first, and not the last person to try this stunt, and unfortunately everyone else has succeeded.
Before you blindly do anything n tells you to do, it might be a good idea to ask a few questions ---
Just don\'t tell the police that we gave you advice when you lie face down on the sidewalk and your knees lean on the back of your head.
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