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7 must-be-lost areas for home detail control

by:KingKonree     2021-06-27

For detail control, everything in the home does not exist, should and shouldn't, only thinking and not wanting! In fact, detail control is a bit similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder. For example, the curtains at home must be equipped with a beautiful curtain clip, and for example, a small makeup mirror must be installed in front of the bathroom mirror....Today I have collected a group of detail controls that cannot 7 home details to ignore!

1. The bathroom must have a makeup mirror!

Don't think that detailed control is only whimsical. In fact, sometimes they start from reality. For example, the vanity mirror in one of the must-fallen bathrooms! Don't ask why the bathroom already has a mirror and you need a makeup mirror. You will fall in love with a makeup mirror!

Mini makeup mirror connected with bathroom mirror

Independent retractable makeup mirror

Independent retractable makeup mirror

Connected with bathroom mirror Together with a mini vanity mirror

2, the meticulous drawer storage!

Drawer storage is a super storage method that does not pick up areas! Keep the desktop clean and tidy. In addition to storing frequently, you also need to know how to store it!

Bathroom storage

Kitchen storage

Bedroom storage

3. The most perfect detail not to be missed—drawer handle

The drawer handle is one of the features that best reflects the detail control. After all, this small handle is really hard to be the focus of attention. But this is not important, what is important is perfection!

Coffee color leather handle

Same color handle

Cartoon shape handle

4. Mini sofa working area

This kind of small mini sofa working area is really hard to find if it is not for detail control or lazy people. Go home from get off work to make a cup of tea, turn on your phone and use the TV series, it's not too cool.

Iron Art Mini Side Table

Iron Art Mini Side Table

Iron Art Mini Side Table

Wooden Mini Side Table

5. My favorite with detail control-the perfect dinner plate

The exquisite and elegant dinner plate with different sizes of knives and forks is super eye-catching even if you don’t eat!

European exquisite dinner plate combination

6. Curtain clip that you will fall in love with if it is not a detail control

Curtain clip, a delicate small object that is not a detail control, will love it Because the matching curtains are really beautiful to explode!

Crystal curtain clip

Exquisite vintage curtain clip

7. Good-looking and easy-to-use storage tray

The most intuitive function of storage tray It is used for storage, but in fact, in addition to storage, the tray has a very good appearance. Especially putting flower arrangements or decorations in the tray is more attractive!

Square wooden tray

Hexagonal wooden tray

Retro aluminum and copper tray

Hexagonal marble tray

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