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A big reason for a rise in popularity of glass

by:KingKonree     2020-08-29

Glass worktops will fill the whole kitchen with stunning colorful light. Depending on your personal taste and preferences, you can go for subtle soft shades or boldly colored glass to dramatically improve the look and style of your kitchen.

You can now even find splash backs with integrated LED lighting inside them, for a chic and very cool look, similar to themes found in luxurious hotels and the trendiest and coolest bars.

As much as glass worktops are beautiful they are just as hygienic! Unlike most other available materials, the surface of glass splash backs are made from a single sheet of molded and preformed glass which massively aids the reduction of the number of places where pesky bacteria hides.

Where certain materials for splash backs can peel and break posing health hazards, worktops made from glass really offer benefits in terms of hygiene.

Glass will not stain very easily at all, if ever in your time using a splash back! Whether you're preparing food with thick sauces, curries and various juices, these will not pose any harm to your worktops made of glass as its incredibly easy to clean, just give it a quick spray over and then wipe mess away!

Glass worktops are very durable and also very tough, being easily able to withstand any kind of day to day pressure being put on them by utensils, cutting and chopping as well as other activities that take place inside the kitchen.

Don't just incorporate splash backs within your kitchen, experiment in your home with a splash in your bathroom and toilet, and easily add a worthy addition to shower rooms, sinks and tub areas.

So don't fret, add a proven efficient addition to your home without costing your style, splash backs are a modern, future proof addition and hygienic fitting to any kitchen area and more!

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