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A billiard table is a piece of functional furniture

by:KingKonree     2020-06-29
When choosing your set, remember even though you may be paying a premium price for your game set it may not play so well or it may look better than it plays so you should get a good combination of these two features. The finish is not what you play on but the slate in the middle of the rails. Make sure you choose something that is compatible with you other furnishings too. These tables are basically made of veneer so the manufacturer can provide a cosmetic appeal to the appearance. The legs should be made of solid wood so they provide enough support for the heavy slate that is placed on top. A top quality bolt should attach the legs to the plate. It should not attach only at the top as this leaves the remainder of the leg open for bending over time. The best setup is a leg that has a bolt running the length of the entire leg. A billiard surface is usually composed of one thick sheet of slate. If you opt for a cheaper table, it will most likely have a particle board surface instead. If this material gets wet it will begin to break apart and warp making playing any game on it virtually impossible. The slate should be between three quarters and one inch thick for best performance. Felt that is used to cover the surface is generally composed of three quarters wool and one quarter fine cotton. This mixture ensures the balls roll smoothly. It is usually sold in different thread counts and the best is a high count. Felt is available in a wide range of colors and the color you choose should go along with the color scheme of the room it will occupy. The rails or cushions are what give your shots action. They should be made of a high quality gum rubber and covered on the top and back with canvas. The canvas is what controls the action of the rubber in an effort to give you better accuracy and consistency with your shots. Sizes will vary and should be considered when shopping for pool furniture. They range in size from a bar or coin operated seven feet in length to the snooker style at twelve feet. It is recommended that the area you place your set should be at least one hundred and twenty inches larger than your set. These are only tips for choosing your billiard table and should not be considered the rule. It is completely up to you as to the style, size, color and materials you choose.
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