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A New York apartment brightens up for an artsy couple

by:KingKonree     2020-10-21
An art-
Collect couples who like to entertain 920 square feet of New York City (85. 5 square meters);
A couple who have lived in the building for many years admire the work done by architect Andrew Mikhail in the upstairs neighborhood apartment.
They want a bigger bathroom, a great place to show off their beloved art collection, and more fun in the apartment.
\"Because I work in a three-story apartment, just like this one, I know what can be done here,\" Mikhail said . \".
Mikhail described the previous decoration in the apartment as \"flat for rent \".
\"The lights are not highlighted with art and the bathroom is crowded.
Homeowners want a better mobile space and a better place to entertain their friends.
The solid wall crashed out of the bedroom, making the living room feel more closed, disrupting the flow and view of the hall.
Mikhail stole some rooms from the bedroom to flush the walls and corridors.
This creates a pleasant flow from the entrance to the living room.
He added three sliding panels to accommodate the couple\'s largest artwork and to open the bedroom space when needed.
\"Floor space is precious real estate, so I want to put out as many lights as I can on the floor,\" Mikhail said . \".
He added a flat plate under the ceiling beam so that he could place LED lights along it to illuminate the ceiling.
The wide white oak board also relieved the pressure and updated the look.
\"My client prefers to sacrifice some square feet in the bedroom in order to have a larger living room,\" Mikhail said . \".
\"When they want the living room to feel more open in the bedroom, they can open this large sliding door in the living room.
\"So how do these doors work, the painting on the door is on the track closest to the living room, while an ordinary door slides behind them.
The three doors can be placed in a different configuration, moving the opening between the two rooms, or creating a solid wall.
To light up the living room, Mikhail lit the bookshelf from the overhead sofa, and a huge mirror between them gave the illusion of more space.
The space is claustrophobic and the finish is deteriorating.
The enlarged space is smooth and spacious thanks to carefully edited color and material palettes, recessed light on the ceiling, under-cabinet lighting and transparent glass shower walls.
The long floating vanity, raised mirror medicine cabinet, hidden toilet water tank and unlimited drainage system enhance minimalism.
You might think it\'s a huge taboo to sacrifice a window in an apartment in New York City.
No, but it\'s not a window.
On a narrow Brick Lane, a piece of glass is opened and it never brings any natural light to the corridor.
Mikhael was inspired to turn the window space into a major light source.
He covered the window with a wooden head and attached colored lines
Replace the LED light above and place the plexiglass on it.
Now, the \"window\" can wash the corridor with all the colors of the rainbow, and then wash some.
\"My clients really want their place to be interesting, especially at parties,\" he said . \".
Hallway where.
Wow, a surprise to the apartment.
The radiator now looks like a work of art.
\"I \'ve been to the party here, so I know to turn the surface into a cocktail ledge as much as I can,\" Mikhail said . \".
\"It consists of white horizontal wooden strips with black vertical wooden blocks at the back for construction.
The length of the other LED light is the same as the length of a new light on the right.
\"When the artwork doesn\'t want colors, it creates a visual line and lights them up,\" said Mikhael . \".
The style of the kitchen is not consistent with the art of the homeowner and the streamlined minimalist taste.
\"I wanted to give it a feeling of play, so I came up with this Tetris --
\"It\'s like the blocking pattern of the cabinets so they become sculptures,\" Mikhail said . \".
In addition to the series, all appliances are paneled to maintain a continuous look.
The black Corniche counter, the black sink and the black faucet limit the color palette to space, and the more beautiful LED lighting allows the owner to switch the color scheme according to his own wishes. A white back-
The painted glass tailgate makes full use of the colorful light.
Just a dressing room with sink, vanity and toilet.
By reconfiguring the space and taking over the hall closet, Mikhael is able to fit in the shower.
Slide doors can replace solid walls to make it easy to open or close the room.
A useless window can be converted into a creative light source.
○ If you do not have enough space to place the table and floor lamp, the lamp under the ceiling, cabinet and shelf can be used creatively.
The integrated sink offers a minimalist feel.
○ Changing the color of LED lighting can change the personality and mood of the space.
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