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a quick guide to choosing solid worktops for your kitchen

by:KingKonree     2020-03-17
In recent years, solid countertops have become more and more popular not only in restaurants and hotels, but also in people\'s homes.
Whether it\'s redecorating or redesigning the kitchen, or designing the kitchen for the new building, the sturdy countertops offer a range of advantages, far beyond the special style and design they inevitably contribute to the overall look of the kitchen.
The kitchen countertop is easily overlooked as it is just a huge blank area that can be covered with something that looks pretty, many admit, discussing the style of the door on the cabinet takes longer than the kitchen table top.
In fact, a recent survey shows that people spend the same amount of time discussing and choosing the type of tile on the countertop, just like discussing and selecting the countertop itself.
Of course, if you have decided on a solid working surface, then you can choose a solid countertop that fits your decor or planned design.
But there are plenty of kitchen tops, especially solid ones.
There are many different types of solid countertops, for example, and different materials usually mean different benefits and advantages, as well as choice and long-term benefits.
The long term is one of the key points to consider when considering the solid countertop, because the kitchen countertop needs to be carefully selected for a long time.
You don\'t want to change the kitchen countertop every few years, and cheaper countertops often disappoint the entire kitchen very quickly.
The laminated kitchen countertop will start peeling, discoloration and tearing soon, and the seams or connections will soon become more visible.
Not only does this look shabby and disappointing the entire kitchen, but this damage and wear inevitably poses a health risk, with bacteria in even the smallest cracks, pieces, tears, or under a peeling corner.
The surface of the kitchen has suffered great damage, from the heavy pot bowl pans basin, boiling liquid, acidic substances and sharp knives, doing the worst things every day.
It\'s not good to have a kitchen countertop that looks beautiful and has very little price, unless you\'re going to use it to occasionally make a tepid cup of tea and a fairly adventurous peanut butter sandwich.
If you\'re going to do something more demanding than that with your kitchen, then you need to think about solid countertops, because they will provide a solution that can be affordable even in the toughest kitchen environment, without wear or damage, providing years of good use and significantly improving the sanitary value of the countertop.
So, if you\'re thinking about solid countertops for your kitchen, what options and different materials might you encounter, and how do you choose between them?
Acrylic countertops are the top-selling kitchen countertops at the moment, mainly because of their versatility.
Corian is a name you may have heard of, representing solid countertops that many people think are the best.
Can be cut, bonded, molded or even vacuum formed, creating fluid shapes that can be bent in almost any direction and carved into unique, truly useful countertops, it contains splashes, bowls and even sinks to cool a complete seamless countertop.
On the other hand, you may be tempted by natural materials such as quartz.
When it comes to solid countertops, you won\'t be harder than quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth.
Natural non-quartz countertops
Porous, glossy and smooth, with a variety of colors and styles.
Granite is another natural material with a very unique appearance.
Natural cracks, pits, and natural cracks can sometimes appear on granite countertops, all adding to its unique charm, but you won\'t have a perfectly smooth surface.
Finally, when it comes to solid countertops, you have stainless steel, a hot choice for restaurants and chefs over the years, but in recent years, more and more homeowners have chosen stainless steel kitchen countertops, because of the combination with eye-catching colored tiles, they look very stylish and certainly provide a very durable surface.
Therefore, when choosing a solid countertop, the advantages are obvious and there are many choices.
Why not go through some solid countertops and find the ideal countertop for your ideal kitchen?
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