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A Zen garden is a specific type of garden that

by:KingKonree     2020-07-27
Zen gardens are historical Japanese gardens that date back to the 14th century during the Muromachi period. More than a place for illumination, Zen gardens were also a place to teach the philosophy and principles of religion which is Zen Buddhism. In China, Ch'an (Zen) was influenced by Taoist concepts like spontaneity and naturalness on all things. A Zen garden embodies the feeling of tranquility and has distinct features that set it apart from other garden types. A Zen garden expresses reverence for life, nature and the spirituality of living things. Stone and pebbles, sand and fine gravel, bamboo, grass and water are only some of its distinct features. Wild grass and bamboo, bonsai trees and shrubs are other accents that contribute to a Zen garden's lush and green motif. It also has ponds, streams or waterfalls with rocks and plants. There are different types of Zen gardens like tea gardens and courtyard gardens that can inspire your landscaping project. A tea garden (also known as Cha Niwa/Roji) has added features like a Japanese lantern (toro), crouching water basin (tsukubai), and waiting place (machi-ai). This type of garden is ideal for small enclosed places and serves as a passage to the tea house when a tea ceremony is performed. How to design a garden for your home? Identify the style you want. If you want a tea garden, there are some structures unique to it that you have to consider. The pagoda lights and tea ceremony basin are significant features of a tea garden. Pagoda lights are originally made of carved stone to hold oil lamps or candles. A tea ceremony basin is made of hollowed rock, carved stone, ceramic or bronze. To build a beautiful Zen landscape, you can follow how to design garden programs. However, if you think you do not have a green thumb or the creative skills to create this relaxing retreat, you can always employ the services of a landscape artist. He can help layout your garden, select the plants and structures you need, and build your paradise. A Zen garden can be that place in your home where you can enjoy the peace and quiet. It can serve as a silent sanctuary for contemplation. If you like to read up some more on how to design a garden, visit and
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