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Accordingly, to accomplish the very first goal

by:KingKonree     2020-07-08
A vacuum dryer is acquired by enhancing the above-mentioned IPA vapor dryer. In the drying method through which the vacuum dryer is utilised, the quantity of IPA consumed is below that from the IPA vapor dryer. As a result, it is possible to reduce the degree of environmental air pollution caused by the IPA.Why Serena Van Der Woodsen all Like fluidized bed dryers? Who Knows!. Furthermore, it's feasible to get a great drying impact regardless of the existence from the pattern. However, as the semiconductor device is more integrated, recontamination by particles within the drying method in which the vacuum dryer is used comes into query. As a result, a way of drying a semiconductor machine by which it truly is achievable to far more stably prevent recontamination by particles is required. To accomplish the next goal, there may be offered a way of drying a semiconductor device. Inside the technique, deionized drinking water is non-stop equipped to an internal bath of a vacuum dryer making use of IPA vapor comprised of an outer bath, an internal bath, and deionized h2o equipped by means of h2o offer lines to fill the inner bathtub together with the deionized drinking water, this kind of that the deionized water is non-stop overflowed in the interior bathtub to the outer bath. A semiconductor substrate is loaded to the interior bath-from which the deionized water is constantly overflowed. The loaded semiconductor substrate is dried by supplying the isopropyl alcohol vapor for the internal bathtub into which the semiconductor substrate is loaded.
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