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acrylic solid surface sheet Two “mines” that are easy to step on when modeling a mold KingKonree

by:KingKonree     2018-09-30

The elastic molding mould “extra-improving ability” can produce different decorative shapes and textures of decorative concrete with various actual materials for exterior decoration, especially the concrete itself is full of capillary structure, which can be very good. After coloring, the concrete after the coloring is closed can almost achieve the effect of realism.

In the specific application, some key nodes are worth noting. If you go, you will enter a dead end and even affect the application confidence of the modeling mold on the assembly building. Here are some of the “mines” that Weiwei Zhongrun Building Materials Technology has encountered in the past few years! Friendship reminds everyone to take less detours and pay attention to safety! If someone unfortunately has already stepped on a mine, you don’t need to squander it because of it. Don’t doubt the vitality of your new life because you are divided into baby’s birth and blood. Because in the international assembly building, the modeling mold has been used for a large area for many years. Highly recognized by the industry. And widely used! Achieve good social and economic benefits!

Mine 1: 'Silicone Mine'

Silicon dioxide, also known as silicone rubber, is a highly active adsorbent material, which is an amorphous substance with a chemical molecular formula of mSiO2·nH2O. It is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, and does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid.

One of the pioneers of a prefabricated building in China is now stepping on the mine in xx companies that have cooperated with the city and plundered the land. The company feels that the price of imported PU molds is high, and the company has entrusted Weifang Zhongrun Building Materials Technology to develop domestic elastic modified epoxy polyurethane molds. The performance has reached imported products, and the price has also dropped significantly. However, the research team of xx found that silica gel also has good performance. Imitate the styling performance, think that 'the secret of the devil is explored by us.' Excited, I made a few small imitation brick molds, the effect is good, so I made a 3*6 meter large silicone brick mold, costing nearly 100,000, but I haven't had time to get on the mold bed. The problem is coming, first approaching 1.5% shrinkage problem, shrinking size, followed by such a large silicone mold, like a pile of brown sugar, even if rolled up, it is not easy to transfer, the process of pouring the mold bed on the work has been broken, so it is easy to pull and pull On the pouring workbench, and the workbench 'very uncooperative'. There is no way to glue, and the slurry problem arises. There is no way to repair the torn mold. Loss of hundreds of thousands before and after. The final result is 'there are mines here!'

Disclaimer: I am not saying that the silicone mold is not good, but the application of the silicone mold is not right. If you are doing small crafts, making antique wood, using FRP or GRC as a lining, the silicone mold is a good mold material, and its fine and softness is excellent. . High temperature resistance is also very good. It is not advisable to use silica gel for large prefabricated building moulds.

Mine 2: 'GRP mines'

FRP, also known as GFRP, is a fiber reinforced plastic, generally referred to as a glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix. A reinforced plastic made of glass fiber or its products as a reinforcing material, called glass fiber reinforced plastic, or glass fiber reinforced plastic.

This mine is stepped on by a subordinate company of China's top 500 companies. The company has a prefabricated construction project with a building area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters. The design is tile counter-attack. Due to the high prefabrication rate of the project, the window sill is used. The overall prefabrication, the efficiency and effect of the tile counter-attack is not satisfactory, it is appropriate to use the mold shape, imitation brick coloring, the idea is very clear. In the test stage, an epoxy polyurethane elastic molding die and a FRP molding die were made, and the specification was 1.8*1.2 m. The effect is good. When balancing the cost, choose the FRP mold to prevent brick shape. Unfortunately, I stepped on the mine!

In the nearly 20 square square brick molding mold with FRP mold, in order to prevent the shrinkage of unsaturated resin, only the amount of steel can be increased, and the bulkiness comes. Compared with the test phase, the unit cost is greatly increased, exceeding the modification. Epoxy polyurethane elastic mold. The result is also distorted. In addition, the FRP has to be polished five times after it has been finished, because the sharp corners of the concrete have a sharp amount of sharp wear on the FRP surface area. Hundreds of thousands of lessons have been added here, 'there are mines here!'

Disclaimer: FRP mold is also a good mold material, resin products, such as solid surface wash basins, resin bathtubs, and heterosexual Roman columns, (standard Roman column molds are generally molded with ABS plastic) are very good. Choose.

Summary: For pre-fabricated molds of more than 3 square, it is best to use an elastic body with a Shore hardness of 65-90, and the elastic body has good adhesion performance, and the shrinkage rate should be within 3/1000. It has strong tear resistance and is currently the most suitable epoxy polyurethane elastomer.

For detailed inquiries, please contact our customer service!

The last thing to note is that the two companies I mentioned above are meant to tell you that the minefield is real and there is no intention to derogate. Please do not sit down! Apologize if you are offended!

Ok, today I will identify these two mines, and later will continue to indicate other minefields. I hope everyone pays attention to our WeChat public number!

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