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Advantages and disadvantages of cabinet marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-15

As we all know, marble is a metamorphic rock formed by high temperature and high pressure from the original rocks in the earth's crust. The internal force of the earth's crust promotes the qualitative change of various types of rocks, mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite. , Has a good appearance. So, how about choosing marble as countertops? Next, we will take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of marble countertops.

Advantages and disadvantages of cabinet marble countertops

Advantages of marble countertops

No deformation, high hardness, and strong abrasion resistance. After long-term natural aging, the structure of the rock is uniform, the linear expansion coefficient is extremely small, the internal stress completely disappears, and it is not deformed. It is not afraid of acid, alkaline liquids, corrosion, no rust, no need to apply oil, not easy to stick to dust, easy and simple maintenance, and long service life.

Anti-abrasion, high temperature resistance and maintenance-free. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, low temperature deformation. There will be no scratches, it is not blocked by constant temperature conditions, and it can maintain its original physical properties at room temperature.

Physically stable, well-structured, impacted grains fall off, the surface does not have burrs, does not affect the plane accuracy, the material is stable, can ensure long-term non-deformation, small linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical accuracy, and Rust, anti-magnetic and insulating. It is not magnetized, can move smoothly during measurement, has no sense of stagnation, and is not affected by moisture. The plane is weighed well.

Disadvantages of marble countertops

Because it is naturally formed, the small loose cracks are easy to break. Because the stone is a porous material structure, it is produced, transported or constructed. If dirt and sewage infiltrate from time to time, it is difficult to clean and easy to crack. In daily cleaning, it is inevitable that some residues and dirt will fill in the cracks as the wipes are wiped, and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

In the long process of natural stone formation, due to the presence of heavy metal substances, there will be more or less radiation, which may have an impact on the body, but it is more psychological.

How to buy natural stone countertops

A look at the surface structure: Observe the surface structure of the stone with the naked eye. The uniform fine material structure stone has a delicate texture, which is the best product of the stone, and the coarse and unequal grain structure of the stone has a poor appearance effect.

The size of the second stone: In order not to affect the splicing, or cause the patterns, patterns, and lines after the splicing to be deformed, and affect the decorative effect.

Thirdly listen to the percussion sound of the stone: the percussion sound of the good quality stone is clear and pleasant; on the contrary, if there are slight cracks in the stone or the contact between the particles becomes loose due to weathering, the percussion sound will be rough and dull.

Four tests of water absorption rate of stone: usually drop a small ink on the back of the stone. If the ink is quickly dispersed and leached, it means that the particles inside the stone are loose or there are gaps, and the quality of the stone is not good; on the contrary, if If the ink drops stay in place, it indicates that the stone has a good texture.

The price of marble countertops-the color determines the price

For marble, the color is a particularly important factor in determining the price. Some colors Unique and rare marble is naturally more expensive because of its relatively small mineral output; marbles with special common colors are naturally much cheaper. For this reason, the price of marble countertops does not have a uniform selling price in the market. Because of the difference in color, texture and manufacturing process, there will be very big differences in price.

Marble is solid and shiny, and the color is very dazzling. Now it is more and more widely used in decoration. Many people like this kind of natural and textured stone to decorate their homes. When choosing marble for countertops, generally speaking, the whiter the color, the higher the price of marble countertops.

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