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Advantages and disadvantages of sinks Which sink mirror cabinet is better

by:KingKonree     2021-04-12

  The sink mirror cabinet can be said to be the standard equipment in the bathroom, but many people feel that it is not necessary to install the mirror cabinet, and there is no convenient mirror. So the editor today is here to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the sink mirror cabinet and which kind of sink mirror cabinet is better, let's take a look down together.

  The advantages of sink mirror cabinet

  1. It is a savior for small apartments. Bottles and cans can be put away and no longer need to be laid out to wash hands. On the stage;

  2, take off the contact lenses and put them on the mirror cabinet, which is easy to access;

  3, increase the storage space of the bathroom.

Disadvantages of    washbasin mirror cabinet

  1. Bottles and cans in a humid and airtight space are easy to smell;

  2, open when you take things It is too troublesome to open and close;

  3, it is not very convenient to clean;

  4, if the depth is shallow, the mirror cabinet is thick and it is easy to meet;

  Which kind of sink mirror cabinet is better

  ▲ If it is not convenient to open and close, you can choose a part of the open shelf. Commonly used bottles and cans are placed on the shelf. Take it directly and put it directly.

  ▲ If it’s easy to meet, don’t buy a mirror cabinet that is too thick, thinner, about 15-20 cm is enough, you can fit a cup. If you move the door, you won’t meet, which is safer than opening the door.

  ▲ Or you can choose the shelf directly, which is much cleaner than putting everything on the table.

  ▲ The lighting problem should also be considered. After all, if you look in the mirror if you can’t see clearly or have shadows, it is also very annoying. In addition, with the thickness of the mirror cabinet, the mirror is closer to the face, and the effect is also will be better.

  ▲ For those students who don’t like the mirror facing the bedroom door directly, the sink in the dry area faces the door of the room. You can also choose a mirror cabinet where the mirror is hidden in the cabinet. The surface is a painting, and when opened, it is a mirror.

   The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the sink mirror cabinet and the related introduction about which sink mirror cabinet is better. If you want to know more, please go to the official website of MeiDawu.

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