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After spending your valuable time growing these

by:KingKonree     2020-07-20
Harvesting poppy skills are not that hard to perfect. The numerous seeds come which are contained in each poppy pod which is located in the very center of the flower itself. Poppy seeds are excellent ingredients when it comes to baking and cooking. It can be added to all kinds of breads, desserts, and even meat and vegetable dishes. The plant itself grows best in direct sunlight. Even though it is a very versatile flower it is best not to try and grow it in an excessively warm environment. The best time to harvest the poppy pods is when the seeds begin to drop from the pod itself. You will notice that the seeds have a grey or brown like hue. To begin with you will need to adhere to the following steps: 1) Find the poppy pod in the center of the full-grown and mature flower. You should be easily able to spot it as a green ovoid shape. 2) Apply a little pressure with your fingers to strongly break the pod off from the plant. Hold the stem of the plant with your other hand so as not to accidentally snap the plant as well which would cause the whole flower to die. 3) After removing the first pod you can put them into a container. A wooden or cardboard box is best. It is preferable to have a dry and clean container so as not to contaminate the pods. 4) Take out the rest of the pods in the same way and carry on until you have harvested all the poppy pods. 5) Amass the pods into the container, place a cover on it and store it in a cool and dry area for no less than 2-3 weeks. This allows adequate time for both the pods and seeds to dry properly. The seeds will begin coming out of the pods while they are in the process of being dried. 6) Put all the poppies in a sifter and then place the sifter over a basin. Gently take out the seeds that are still remaining in the pods with your fingers. Allow all the seeds to go from the sifter into the basin. At this point you can also pick out the remaining pods from the sifter and discard them. 7) After you have collected all the seeds pour them into a jar and cover it. Put the poppy seeds in your food cupboard or storage room until you are ready to use them. Harvesting poppies by following this method will ensure that you have healthy plants to harvest from again on the next opportunity. This is a good way to harvest poppies obtain the seeds which can be used for a multitude of situations. After performing this technique many times you will find it gets easier and easier to learn the proper way of perfecting your harvesting poppy skills.
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