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Aging society calls for elderly bathroom furniture products

by:KingKonree     2021-05-09

'Every Double Ninth Festival, I will give my parents a gift. This year I want to buy some furniture suitable for the elderly for my mother, but I ran into several stores in the Home Plaza and couldn't find any special furniture for the elderly.' Ms. Chen, a citizen Complained.

An aging society calls for furniture for the elderly

Home for the elderly refers to the type of furniture designed specifically for the elderly, with functionality and appearance to meet the preferences of the elderly. Such as lifting beds suitable for the living of the elderly, cervical care beds, and chair-type bathtubs made of non-slip materials.

According to relevant surveys, at present, China's elderly population over 60 accounts for 11.3% of China's total population, and my country has gradually entered an aging society. Children want to buy special furniture for the elderly that combines comfort and safety for their parents. However, after visiting many home furnishing stores in Xinyu, the reporter found that in Xinyu, it is indeed difficult to find homes where the elderly are the consumer group.

Large gap in the furniture market for the elderly

The reporter visited the Oriental Paris Home Furnishing Plaza and searched the huge stores and found that the large and small stores were not specifically designed for the elderly. s brand.

The reporter walked into a store specializing in the sale of mattresses and asked if there is a mattress suitable for the elderly. The clerk recommended a brand latex mattress with a price of nearly 10,000 yuan and claimed that the mattress Because the soft sleep aid is especially popular among the elderly.

It is understood that soft beds such as Simmons and box springs are not suitable for the elderly. They are especially unfavorable for the elderly suffering from lumbar muscle strain and bone hyperplasia, which often aggravate their pain.

In the Guangdong new home furnishing market, furniture for the elderly is also lacking. 'We don't have furniture specifically for the elderly. Some children come to buy furniture for their parents. Try to choose low beds, rounded corner cabinets, and harder mattresses that are more suitable for the elderly.' The relevant furniture sales staff said that they were full of dazzling arrays. The market for children's home furnishing brands is different. It has not been heard that Xinyu has home furnishing brands that meet the preferences of the elderly, and there is also a lack of functional furniture that can be used by the elderly.

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