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Alfred School in Rajkot became famous for being

by:KingKonree     2020-09-25

Schools are an integral part of the education system of Rajkot as it forms the very base of a child's educational life. Infact it is the Governments interest that has led to the promotion of Education in Rajkot with a number of schools, colleges and the university cater to the educational requirement of the people of Rajkot city. The schools in Rajkot offer education to the students of the city in the primary, secondary and the higher secondary level. Inorder to encourage a large number of students towards educating themselves, a lot of emphasis has been laid upon the infrastructure in these schools inorder to supplement appropriate teaching methodologies a holistic development of the child's personality.

Almost all the schools in Rajkot impart education from Class I to Class XII while most of them are either affiliated to the CISCE or to the CBSE. Therefore it is customary for the schools in Rajkot to prepare the students for their Secondary and Higher Secondary examination so that they can pursue the career of their choice. The schools in Rajkot also follow a curriculum and exam schedule prescribed by the GSHEB an acronym for the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board which regulates the pattern of education in the other cities of Gujarat.

A state owned Board of Education, the GSHEB monitors and controls the education procedures at the schools in Rajkot. There are a number of schools in Rajkot schools which are the pride of Gujarat, these include: R. H. Kotak Girl High School, Saint Mary's school, Jyoti vidyalaya, R. H. Kotak Girl high school, S. N. Kansagera school, Field Marshal high school, K.G. Bhalodia school, Gondal High school, Delhi Public School, Bharad Vishv Vidyapith, New Era English Medium School and Saint Mary's School.

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