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All too frequently when moving into a new house

by:KingKonree     2020-09-13

Radical reconstructions are not always possible and this is when you've got to become more innovative in how you create extra space. An area that you can get yourself a little extra room is the bathtub. If your bathroom contains a separate shower and bathtub it would be a great opportunity to join the two together into one unit.

To maximise the space saving it would be an idea to install the unit in the corner of the room. This will give you the option of making use of any window shelves as well as the depth of the corner itself. A corner bathtub and shower unit will ensure that the area blends in nicely with the rest of the room rather than sticking out and creating a traffic flow problem. Given that the primary purpose of the bathroom is to hold the bathtub, suitable though should be put into the way it looks.

There are many different types of corner bathtubs, some of them are lavish affairs that are suited to sitting in pride of place in a grand bathroom setting. But for those with only a small amount of room the small corner bathtubs are an exercise in fitting the greatest amount of room into the smallest allowable space. It is sometimes surprising exactly how much space that gives you.

Even though the shower area may seem tight, there is not a lot of space needed to install a functional shower. You can make the area feel even larger by deciding not to use a shower screen, turning the bathroom into more of a wet room, or by installing a shower curtain that will billow out creating a sense of space when you're using the shower.

Families with small children are going to require some kind of small bathtub for the early years of bathing. Because the bodies that are going to be sitting in the tub are only small it won't be necessary to buy an overly large tub. The smallest size you might consider for a bathtub should be 32 inches which is the minimum width allowed under most codes.

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