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Almost everyone loves to eat eggs. In fact, we

by:KingKonree     2020-08-19

There are actually several kinds of egg cookers and how they look can greatly differ. Even if some of them serve different purposes, and even if they look totally different, most of them work on the same principle. Electric egg cookers usually have a heating element hidden in its base. They also have a water reservoir and they cook the egg through steam. The consistency of the egg will depend on how much water you use. You can easily choose the amount of water either through a water level gauge or through a measuring cup that comes with it.

To help you understand egg cookers better, here is a rundown on the two commonly used kinds of egg cookers:

The choice is up to you. Microwave egg cookers and countertop electric egg cookers can both deliver on perfectly cooking eggs, but they do have some advantages over each other. If you want to save money, then you can purchase only one type of egg cooker. However, they are both very affordable so I will encourage you into getting both. The best combination for me is to get these: (1) a countertop egg cooker that can boil and poach eggs plus along with steam meat and vegetables, and (2) different microwave egg cookers for making omelletes, coquettes and meurettes. You don't have to get a microwave cooker for poaching and boiling eggs if you already have the countertop one, but if you want to get them as well, go ahead.

Cooking eggs has never been easier and more convenient with the invention of egg cookers. Aside from the convenience they bring, they also promote a healthy diet. You can enjoy a healthy egg dish anytime you wish, even if you are in hurry.

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