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Aloni bathroom cabinet ALO series brings design back to life

by:KingKonree     2021-10-26
Aloni bathroom cabinet ALO series Let the design return to life. Do you have the following problems with the bathroom decoration? Want a sense of luxury, want to show off your personality, want to surprise the audience but can't start? A classic and stylish solution is enough to make your bathroom space unique. Color matching is very important for a beautiful bathroom. I heard that the bathroom is designed like this, fashionable, high-end and eye-catching! ALO Series-A1691 Product Series: ALO Model: A1691 Specification: 1800×550×250㎜ Style: Light Luxury Material: American Red Oak Countertop: Lauren Black Gold Rock Board/Dark Row DC Water Rock Board Function: Washing/dressing/storing Storage/mirror lamp can be customized range: style/specification/color/material/table/function/hardware The design inspiration is simple but not simple. It has always been the ultimate pursuit of design. The design inspiration of this apartment is derived from life and integrated into life. While paying attention to the design, we must also stick to the daily use, breaking the conventional design and creating a different sense of high-level. (Floor plan) A design case from Liu Ping, a designer from Aloni Nanjing store. The bathroom cabinet design has no redundant carvings and cumbersome details. It is practical and quality. It uses Lauren’s black gold slabs and dark green cabinets, which are innovative The color matching highlights the sense of trend and brings a more fashionable expression. The smart and stylish double round mirrors have a full sense of design. The dark green cabinet door panels are matched with matte black metal a handles, which are unique and avant-garde, easily creating a modern and light luxury new fashion. The rock slab countertop integrated basin, one-piece structure, no splicing, is very convenient for installation and cleaning, and the countertop is easy to clean and does not hide dirt. This case adopts modern light and luxurious design techniques, and the space color is mainly light-colored. The minimalist dark green cabinet without cumbersome has undoubtedly become the visual center of the bathroom, giving people a strong visual sense. Shows the increasingly simplified trend of the times and the requirements for the quality of life. The “color” design of the bathroom steadily occupies the C position in the home and brings unexpected surprises to life. (
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