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Aloni bathroom cabinet Huanshaxi series, a modern and light luxury with unique charm

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Aloni bathroom cabinet Huanshaxi series The unique charm of modern light luxury do you have the following troubles for the bathroom decoration? Want a sense of luxury, want to show off your personality, want to surprise the audience but can't start? A classic and stylish solution is enough to make your bathroom space unique. Nice bathroom, color matching is very important, I heard that the bathroom is designed in this way, fashionable, high-end and eye-catching. Huanshaxi Series-A1953 Product Series: Huanshaxi Series Model: A1953 Specification: 1900×580×860㎜ Style: Light Luxury New Chinese Style Material: American White Wax Countertop: Caso Grey + Florence Edge Function: Washing/Grooming/Storage Storage/mirror lamp can be customized range: style/specification/color/material/table top/function/hardware design inspiration. This design work adopts modern and light luxury style, making full use of the space of the super large bathroom for perfect planning, using metal decoration and handle The Xisha series of bathroom cabinets are integrated into the style. The clear texture of American ash and the Caso gray countertops create a modern and luxurious style atmosphere, giving people a relaxed and relaxing feeling. In order to create a high-level space atmosphere, we started with the high-level elements, and brought the popular brass elements of the light luxury style into the space design. The overall low-key and delicate, with the high-level gray tone is not only elegant and stylish. The brass tone is more textured. This space uses metal fences as partitions for the toilet area, washing area, and bathing area. It not only looks very beautiful, but also allows light to circulate. It can also bring a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality to the space, creating a hazy beauty. Focusing on the details can make the occupants feel happy. 'Humanization' is an important consideration for a bathroom that can bring happiness. The round + long cabinet mirror and the interior atmosphere light are very decorative and functional. While increasing the bathroom space, the light is soft and not dazzling; the countertop is made of marble, and the widening design makes it more convenient to store. Bathroom life brings more convenience; sealed door drawers are combined with open storage layers, and the main cabinet provides a large practical storage space for daily washing supplies; cabinet legs are designed with fan-shaped elements, combined with grille elements, linear and arc Contrasting each other into interest. (
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