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Aloni bathroom cabinet Our distance from the ideal bathroom space

by:KingKonree     2021-10-26
Aloni bathroom cabinet The distance between us and the ideal bathroom space is united and the whole people fight the 'epidemic' together, the domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, and life is slowly returning to its original color and rhythm. However, after staying behind closed doors for a long time, home activities have become the mainstream, and many owners have begun to think about the safety, comfort and health of home life. According to data from the 'Seravi-Helping the Family Fight 'Pandemic' SurveyThe use of different functional spaces in the home, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom, has been complained one by one. Among them, in the survey of toilets, issues related to classification, separation of dry and wet, storage and storage, and sanitation are all on the list. However, combing through these grooves will find that the distance between us and the ideal bathroom space may be only a reliable bathroom cabinet. In the classification and storage upgrade survey, the bathroom problem that the most interviewees complained about was, 'There are a lot of toiletries, all of which are spread on the countertop, which is messy.' However, the bathroom is so big. To solve this problem, you can start by expanding the storage space and sorting. In fact, the storage function of the bathroom mainly depends on the bathroom cabinet. Under normal circumstances, a good bathroom cabinet design will take into account practical functionality, reserve ample storage space, and carry out reasonable zoning planning. At present, the common storage functions of bathroom cabinets are embodied in countertops, main cabinets, side cabinets, drawers, shelves and mirror cabinets; high-profile bathroom cabinets can also be designed with dressing tables, toilet cabinets, washing machine cabinets, side cabinets, towel racks, etc. The function is vividly embodied. With double basins and double mirrors, washing and washing escalated the 'epidemic' at home. The family stayed at home, 'the population is too large, even if there are two bathrooms, you need to line up.' Especially when washing in the early morning, it takes time to brush your teeth, wash your face and skin care; if you add makeup, it will take longer. If there are many family members, you may wish to consider a bathroom cabinet with a double basin and double mirror design, which can be used by two people at the same time, and they can wash and dress separately without interfering with each other, which is more time-saving and worry-free.
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