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Aloni bathroom cabinet rock board series A1673 Explore simple luxury lifestyle

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Aloni bathroom cabinet slate series A1673 Explore simple luxury lifestyle. Do you have the following problems with bathroom decoration? Want a sense of luxury, want to show off your personality, want to surprise the audience but can't start? A classic and stylish solution is enough to make your bathroom space unique. Nice bathroom, color matching is very important, I heard that the bathroom is designed in this way, fashionable, high-end and eye-catching. Slate Series-A1673 Product Series: Slate Series Model: A1673 Specification: 1500×530×260㎜ Style: Light Luxury Material: American Red Oak Countertop: Roman Fish Calacata Gold Matte Slate/Slate Basin Function: Washing/dressing/storage storage/mirror lamp can be customized range: style/specification/color/material/table top/function/hardware design inspiration Inspired by light luxury urban life, the fashion is continuously integrated with the life concept of urban elites, and laid with ingenuity Create an exquisite, light and luxurious bathroom space. (Floor map) A design case from the designer Xue Chao of Aloni's Zhangjiagang store. Modern is integrated into light luxury. The bathroom cabinet is designed with 'white + brown' throughout the overall design, which fully expresses the minimalism and elegance, and at the same time, the space is luxurious. Sense rose to a new height. The combination of texture white + dark brown avoids the harshness of large gray tones and other dazzling combinations. It is a boutique color that interprets art. The serene white, coupled with the elegant temperament of dark brown, makes the color of the whole space look delicate, simple and pure. You can feel the charm of dark brown and white intertwined, bringing together a steady stream of artistic atmosphere. The Aloni rock slab series is based on simplicity and practicality, maximizing the use of space to the greatest extent, and truly achieving simplicity without reduction. Through the uncommon proportions, lines, colors, textures and other media, to return to the tenacity of the heart, explore the contemporary simple and luxurious lifestyle. The “color” design of the bathroom steadily occupies the C position in the home, bringing unexpected surprises to life. (
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