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Aloni bathroom cabinets create a 'new national trend' These bathroom cabinets are beautiful

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Aloni bathroom cabinets create a 'new national trend'. These bathroom cabinets are beautiful in 2019. Aloni bathroom cabinets innovate in the industry field. Based on the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture, they launched 11 new Chinese styles and light luxury styles. There are more than 50 new products in the large series + rock board series. In addition to the minimalist and light luxury style in design, there are breakthrough innovations in style, specification, color, material, craftsmanship and function. Aloni focuses on technology and industry. Innovation, committed to building a leading brand in the industry. Huanxisha series Aloni bathroom cabinet Huanxisha series, the design is inspired by the allusion of Xishi Huansha. It adopts the new Chinese style and reproduces the vastness of smoke and the beauty is independent. The soft light shadow. Huanxi Yarn series, with smoke and mist as the background color, minimalist abstraction of oriental images such as bright moon, waning, buckle, feather fan, etc., through fewer and simple elements, it gives people unlimited imagination and the highest realm of words. Like Dreamling Series Aloni bathroom cabinets like Dreamling Series, based on Li Qingzhao's early life, reproduce the boudoir mood of the first talented woman in the past through the images of piano strings, the four treasures of the study, makeup, mirror box, and group fans. The Rumengling series combines the minimalist aesthetic concept of “less is more” with the “emptiness of the world” advocated by the Chinese style, adopts the latest Italian popular minimalist design techniques, incorporates elements of oriental connotation, and interprets agility. Natural, elegant and fashionable oriental life situation.
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