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Aloni bathroom cabinets, luxury and modern style that you will fall in love with in a second

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
The luxury and modern style that makes you fall in love with Aloni bathroom cabinets in a second. Do you have the following troubles with the bathroom decoration? Want a sense of luxury, want to show off your personality, want to surprise the audience but can't start? A classic and stylish solution is enough to make your bathroom space unique. Nice bathroom, color matching is very important, I heard that the bathroom is designed in this way, fashionable, high-end and eye-catching. Perfect Series-A1920 Product Series: Perfect Series Model: A1920 Combination Cabinet Specification: 3100×550×860㎜ Style: Light Luxury Modern Material: American Ash Table Top: Caso Grey + Double Bevel Function: Washing/dressing/ Storage storage/mirror lights can be customized range: style/specification/color/material/table/function/hardware Design inspiration: you are used to the black, white and gray design style, you might as well change your taste and inject a little natural atmosphere into the bathroom. The natural wood texture, with natural beauty, is like being in the Wisconsin forest in the United States. (Floor map) Design case from Tang Liying, designer of Aloni's Zhangjiagang store. In the product design, the conventional shape of the traditional bathroom cabinet is broken, and the overall storage function is increased in the form of a combined cabinet, giving the bathroom cabinet a more personalized form of expression. The cabinet body is dominated by dark brown, and still continues the minimalist design, but there is a little more purity in the tone, which makes the overall look more textured and stylish. Combination cabinets are divided into areas according to functions, including dressing table, washing area, and toilet area; the design is more user-friendly and does not take up extra space. 'One cabinet with multiple uses' can not only achieve effective storage, but also make the overall look more tidy and beautiful. . The dry and wet separation of the toilet can block water vapor, keep the space outside the shower area clean and fresh, reduce the growth of bacteria and mold, and extend the service life of the bathroom cabinet. The Aloni Premium series A1920 combination bathroom cabinet has strong practicability, convenient storage, and diverse functions. Whether it is in terms of color, size or appearance, it reflects and emphasizes individualization and humanization, all for the purpose of meeting the needs of use , Let you enjoy the beautiful modern life. The “color” design of the bathroom steadily occupies the C position in the home, bringing unexpected surprises to life. (
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